Our Team

Our Team

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Executive Director: Marc D. Rich, Ph.D.

E-mail: marc.rich@csulb.edu

Marc R.

Marc D. Rich, Ph.D., is a Professor at California State University Long Beach, where he directs a violence prevention peer education troupe (interACT) and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses. As a nationally recognized leader in interactive curriculum and the prevention of predatory violence, Dr. Rich has created and assessed inappropriate pursuit and rape prevention programs that have been utilized on college campuses and military bases worldwide.  He is frequently invited to present at universities and conferences, and has led interactive workshops at many locations including VA hospitals, detention facilities, housing projects, domestic violence shelters, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and Take Back the Night gatherings.  His cutting-edge, interactive approach to rape prevention has been showcased in leading scholarly journals and highlighted in multiple media venues. As a researcher, he has published over twenty peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, including the first empirical study of an interactive, role-player based approach to the prevention of sexual assault.  His role-player based prevention programs have been proven to raise awareness about violence and predatory strategies, debunk rape myths, build empathy for survivors, and provide audiences members with strategies and the confidence to intervene. Dr. Rich trains security teams to be better prepared for workplace violence, and is an instructor at Gavin de Becker and Associates Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy. He is a high-level practitioner of Krav Maga, the Israeli self-defense system, and has designed and evaluated the curriculum for women’s rape prevention programs.

Managing Director: Kelly Janke (KJ), M.A.

Picture of Kelly Janke

KJ worked with interACT as undergraduate, and earned his Master’s degree while working with the troupe and conducting research on masculinity and violence against women. KJ served as a Lead Trainer for several years, learning the necessary skills to manage the day-to-day operations of interACT. KJ continues to perform and facilitate shows when he is not overseeing rehearsals and other troupe business. He teaches a variety of classes at CSULB.

Team Leader: Barry Lyrse, M.A.

Barry L

Barry recently earned his Masters degree in Communication Studies at CSULB and is a nationally certified EMS educator. He is currently an instructor at CSULB. Having performed at universities and military bases around the world, Barry is known for his work on topics including sexual assault prevention, inappropriate pursuit, discrimination, and threat assessment. As the Team Leader, Barry is responsible for performing, training actor-educators, and being a member of interACT’s research team. His passion and expertise in Communication Studies stems from his graduate focus on race, religion, social activism, gender, infidelity, sexuality, technology, and the power of performance and narratives. Barry is more than honored to continue his work in interACT.



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Liza Ivezaj, B.A

Liza I.

Liza began her work in troupe in 2013 as an undergraduate student at CSULB where she performed in sexual assault prevention and inappropriate pursuit shows. After graduating with a BA in Communication Studies, Liza worked in public libraries where she trained staff on sexual harassment prevention and bystander intervention strategies. She is currently a second-year graduate student in the Communication Studies program with an interest in feminism, disability studies, and queer theory. Liza is honored to return to interACT in a leadership role and is looking forward to empowering others to create social change through performance.



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Yanet Cortez, B.A

Yanet C.

Yanet received her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies in 2016. When she first saw an interACT show as an undergrad in 2015, she was captivated and knew she had to be involved. Now, as a Lead Trainer, she works with students, supporting them to grow as performers, advocates, and ethical adults. She has performed across the United States at multiple universities, high schools, and conferences.  This opportunity, she says, “is so inspiring and motivating. The work we do instills hope and moves others to be conscious of their environment, allowing them to resist complacency when someone is committing an act of wrongdoing”.