Student Research

Student Research

The Economics Department provides opportunities for master’s students to undertake research projects both as part of the curriculum and as extracurricular actives. We have highlighted excellent examples of research from our students below. For more information about research opportunities, please contact the graduate advisor (

Peer-Reviewed Publications with Faculty

Mojtahedi, Saba (2018), “The Impact of Solar Subsidies on California’s Non-Residential Sector” (with E. Frey) Energy Policy 122(November), 27-35.

Redmon, Chelsea (2017), “Economic Freedom and Corruption: New Cross-Country Panel Data Evidence” (with S. Yamarik) Journal of Private Enterprises 32(Summer), 17-44

Ahl, Celeste (2017), “The Effects of Financial Incentives on Vessel Speed Reduction: Evidence from the Port of Long Beach Green Flag Incentive Program” (with E. Frey and S. Steimetz) Maritime Economics & Logistics 19(4), 601-618.

Seminar Research Papers

All master’s students are required to complete a research paper when taking a 600-level seminar course.

Brinke, Anete (2018) “Subnational Trade Flows and Environmental Outcomes: Empirical Evidence from the U.S.”

Sherman, Jacob (2018) “Occupational Licensing and Labor Market Outcomes across Different Skill Sets”

Singh, Hermann (2018) “The Economic Impact of Hosting a Professional Sports Franchise”

Medina, Jacob (2017) “A Closer Look at the Economic Impact of Natural Disasters on Growth”

Trias, Ryan Del Mundo (2017) “Price-Volume Relationship in Cryptocurrencies”

Annual Economics Poster Competition

The Economics Poster Competition is held in May every year and includes both undergraduate and graduate students.

Vanessa Garcia, Jillian Malone, and Evan Mora (2019) “The Impact of Heavily Traveled Freeways on Housing Prices” First Place Poster Winner

Aghababa, Zahra, Ryan Hunter, Julian Olivas, and Khai Tu (2017) “Illicit Substance Abuse, Alcohol Intoxication, and the Probability of Arrest” First Place Poster Winner

Brett Patrick (May 2014). “Religious Views as a Determinant of Support for Capital Punishment.”    First Place Poster Winner

Ramon Vivero, Samuel Valdez, and Eric Boyd (May 2013). “The Decision to Hit-and-Run: An Expected Loss Model.”     Second Place Poster Winners

Directed Studies

Students who are interested in working on research with a faculty member can take a directed studies course (ECON 597) as an elective that can count towards the master’s degree requirements. Typically the requirements for the course include a final research paper and a seminar presentation.

Guang Zhong (December 2014). “Induced Innovation from CAFE Standards in the Automotive Industry: Evidence using Patent Data.” Faculty Advisor: Dr. Elaine Frey

CSULB Student Research Competition

Each year, CSULB holds a research competition for undergraduate and graduate students in February.   Our department has had a first place winner in this competition for the past eight years!

Kristen Way (2019). “Source Protection Area: Possible Causes for Establishment.” First Place Winner

Joseph Lee (2015). “Income Inequality and Economic Growth.”  First Place Winner

Chelsea Redmon (2014). “The Relationship Between Corruption, Competition, and Democracy: A Cross-Country Analysis.”  First Place Winner

Neda Jahedmotlagh (2013). “The Impact of Airport Security Measures on the Demand for Air Travel.” First Place Winner