Graduate Overview

Graduate Overview

The Psychology Department at CSULB offers three Master’s degrees in Psychology:

The Master of Arts in Psychology, Option in Psychological Research program is designed to provide basic graduate education in the content areas and research of general psychology in order to prepare for doctoral work or for Master’s level careers. It is a two year, full-time program.  Of those graduates who elect not to pursue a doctoral degree the majority hold positions that make use of their training in psychology. These include positions in community colleges, laboratories using physiological and behavioral research methodologies, social service agencies, business, industry and government.

The Master of Science in Psychology, Option in Industrial/Organizational Psychology program is a rigorous program designed for students who plan to use psychology in the solution of problems in business and industry. The program combines scientific discipline with professional practice. Student learning is achieved through seminars consisting of both a core sequence and course electives, practicum experience within an organization and development of a thesis. Required seminars examine a variety of content areas within Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology including organizational behavior, personnel psychology, training, and organizational development. Elective courses allow students some flexibility in determining which statistics and research methods courses best suit their personal interests.

Master of Science in Psychology, Option in Human Factors: Human Factors (also known as ergonomics or human engineering) is a scientific discipline which examines human behavior and capabilities in order to find the best ways to design products, equipment and systems for maximum safe, effective, satisfying use by people. Professionals in the area of human factors apply their skills in a variety of areas, including aerospace systems, computer software and hardware design, industrial and office settings, educational technology, consumer products, usability analysis and virtual reality. Employment areas may be in Academic Institutions, Industry, Military-related Research Centers and Independent Consultant. Job titles include professor, human factors engineer, ergonomist, technician specialist, safety scientist, consultant and research scientist.

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