Myrtle Reeve’s movies at Balboa

Myrtle Reeve’s Movies at Balboa


Alternate Title

No. of Reels

Release Date

Straws in the Wind   3 July 10, 1915
Bolt From the Sky (The)   3 Nov. 08, 1915
Red Circle (The) 14 Episodes Scarlet Circle (The) 28 (14 Episodes-2 reels each) Dec. 18, ’15-Feb. ’16
Mismates His Boy 3 March 17, 1916
Millionaire’s Son (The)   3 April 07, 1916
Ancient Blood (The)    3 June 23, 1916
Grip of Evil (The) 14 Episodes   28 (14 Episodes-2 reels each) Mar. ’16 -Aug. ’16
Better Woman (The)   3 August 11, 1916
Sultana (The)    5 Oct. 14, 1916
Dawn of Wisdom (The)   3 Dec. 22. 1916
Devil’s Bait (The) Devil’s Pet Bait (The)  4 April 09, 1917

Stills of Mytle Reeves in unidentified Balboa movies:

 Myrtle Reeves as a religious in a nun's habitsecond picture of Myrtle in nun's habit

Photos, courtesy of Rodney Norman Bardin II.     

Myrtle Reeves receives a $5 raise per weekRoland Bottomley dedicates photo to Myrtle Reeves

Myrtle receives, at left, a $5 raise per week; Balboan actor, Roland Bottomley, dedicates this photo to Myrtle Reeves. The inscription reads: “To Miss Reeves Wishing her every success in her career.  Roland Bottomley.”

Myrtle Reeves with Ed BradyMarguerite Nichols dedicates photo to Myrtle Reeves

At left: Myrtle Reeves with Ed Brady; at right, Marguerite Nichols, in exotic pose, with silver ink dedication to Myrtle, not readable on this copy. Please note the Balboa logo. The inscription reads: “To Myrtle with my best wishes and wishing you much success.  Marguerite Nichols.”