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Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts actively publish in their respective fields. Their research, scholarly, and creative activities—showcased here—contribute meaningfully to their disciplines and enrich their teaching content and methods.  


Featured Academic Areas – December 2019

Africana Studies

Claybrook, M. Keith. “Black Students Alliance,” in Black Power Encyclopedia: From ‘Black is Beautiful’ to Urban Uprisings. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc., 2018.

—. “David L. Horne: A Living Example of a Pan African Leader Scholar- Activist,” Africology: Journal of Pan African Studies vol. 11, no 8, June 2018.

 Tatum, Dale C. “Does a Black Man Have the Right to Leave His Home?,” Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men, Vol. 7, No. 1, Fall 2018.

—.  “The Moses Complex and the Crisis of African American Leadership,” National Political Science Review, Vol. 20.2, July 2019.

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Asian and Asian American Studies

Douglas, Masako. 2019. Gaikokugo gakushuusha to keishoogo gakushuusha no kongoo nihongo kurasu deno shidoo [Teaching JFL learners and JHL learners in a mixed-level class]. In Kimi Kondo-Brown, Mitsuyo Sakamoto & Tomomi Nishikawa (Eds.), Oya to Ko o Tsunagu Keishoogo Kyooiku [Heritage Language Education Connective  Generations] (160-174). Tokyo: Kuroshio. 

—. 2019. Recognition of Japanese as a Heritage Language (JHL) in Education: A successful orchestrated global effort by JHL educators, researchers, and parents. Coalition of Community-Based  Heritage Language Schools.  https://www.heritagelanguageschools.org/media/files/Japanese-Connections-Masako-Douglas-Updated-6.24.19-uj-tow.pdf

Ha, K. (2018). Native and Non-native Speakers’ Expressions of Disagreement in Korean Conversation. The International Journal of Korean Language Education, 4(2), 29-48.

Wu, Haiping, Hongyin Tao. 2018a. Expressing (inter)subjectivity with universal quantification: A pragmatic account of Plural NP + dou expressions. Journal of Pragmatics, Vol. 128: 1-21.

Wu, Haiping. 2018b (Book Review). Spontaneous Spoken English: An Integrated Approach to the Emergent Grammar of Speech (Studies in English Language), Alexander Haselow. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge/New York (2018). xiv fl 326 pp., ISBN 978-1108417211, $110.00. Journal of Pragmatics, Vol. 138: 179-181.

Yamada, Teri. “Phnom Penh’s Diamond Island: City of Spectacle” in Routledge Handbook of Urbanization in Southeast Asia, Rita Padawangi, ed. London: Taylor and Francis Books, 2018, pp. 307-320.

—. “Cambodia’s Changing Landscape: Rhetoric and Reality,” in China and Southeast Asia in the Xi Jinping Era,  Frank Cibulka and Alvin Lim, eds. London: Lexington Books, 2019, pp. 65-86.

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Comparative World Literature

Kathryn Chew and Mark Benton, “Heliodorus in France: Mosnier’s Seventeenth-Century Representations of the Aithiopika” in Literary Currents and Romantic Forms: A Festschrift for Bryan Reardon. Edited by K. Chew, J. R. Morgan and S. M. Trzaskoma. Ancient Narrative Supplementum 26. Eelde, The Netherlands: Barhkuis 2018, 307-324.

Kathryn Chew, J. R. Morgan and Stephen M. Trzaskoma, edd. Literary Currents and Romantic Forms: A Festschrift for Bryan Reardon. Ancient Narrative Supplementum 26. Eelde, The Netherlands: Barhkuis 2018. 

Elizabeth Dahab. “Like a Dancing Gypsy’: A Close Reading of Cockroach.” In Comparative Literature for the New Century. Ed. Giulia de Gasperi. Queen’s University Press, pp. 215-228. Refereed. Print. 2018.

—. “Burial at Sea: Reconciliation and Bereavement in Wajdi Mouawad’s Littoral (Tideline), in Selected Proceedings of the 2017 Societies of Activities and Research on the Indian World (Sari) conference on the theme of “Reinventing the Sea: Precarity, Epistemology, Narratives.” Refereed. Forthcoming. 2019.

—. “‘To Roam a Borderless World’: The Poetics of Movement and Marginality in Carnival,” in Beirut to Carnival City: Reading Rawi Hage. Ed. Krzysztof Majer. Wilfrid Laurier University press. Refereed. Forthcoming Dec. 2019/Jan. 2020.

Letitia Deon. Contributing editor for RipRap Literary Journal. Flash Fiction category for 40th Anniversary Edition (Spring 2018) and Nonfiction category for 41st edition (Spring 2019).

—. “Decisions Made and Determined by the Tortured Mind.” RipRap Literary Journal, vol. 41, 2019, p. 31.

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