Inclusive Excellence Training

Inclusive Excellence means building high-quality learning opportunities by ensuring equitable access to both effective educational practices and a welcoming and enabling campus climate for all students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Achieving Inclusive Excellence requires a paradigm shift in identifying, examining, and dismantling existing mindsets/norms/regulations in higher education that serve as catalysts for marginalization, inequity, and intolerance. As part of the College of Liberal Arts’ commitment to Inclusive Excellence, it has conducted several faculty workshops on how to ensure both inclusivity and academic rigor across all aspects of campus life. Video clips from the workshops—courtesy of the college’s steering committee on Inclusive Excellence and High-Impact Teaching Practices—are featured below. 

Latina/o/x and Chicana/o/x Experiences at CSULB

Dr. José Moreno, Professor of Chicano and Latino Studies

Dr. Abigail Rosas, Assistant Professor of Chicano and Latino Studies

Dr. Jeannette Acevedo Rivera, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Tanya Flores Hodges, Post-Bacc Student and La Raza Board Member

Featured Clips Posting Soon

Asian American Experiences at CSULB
LGBTQIA+ Experiences at CSULB
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Experiences at CSULB

Other Workshops (not filmed)

Disability and Inclusive Excellence – Fall 2016
Muslim Experience and Teaching Islam at CSULB – Spring 2017
Inclusion, Diversity, and the Classroom – Spring 2017
African American Experiences at CSULB – Fall 2017
Supporting First-Generation Students – Spring 2019