8th Chichimeca Regional Studies Conference

October 22, 2010

8th Chichimeca Regional Studies Conference


November 1 & 2, 2010

California State University Long Beach

University Library Faculty Development & Anatol Conference Centers

Hosted and organized by the California-Mexico Project, Mexico’s national research association on Chichimeca Regional Studies (Seminario Permanente de Estudios de la Gran Chichimeca – SEPECH) will hold its 8th annual conference at the CSULB Anatol Conference Center on November 1-2, 2010, featuring scholars from Mexico, Spain, the U.S. and Canada.

CSULB President F. King Alexander, Provost Don Para and CLA Dean Gerry Riposa will welcome the conferees, and the conference will be inaugurated by Dr. Marco Antonio Cortes Guardado, President of the University of Guadalajara (UDG). The thematic keynote address will be delivered by the SEPECH founder and president, Dr. Andres Fabregas Puig, President of the Intercultural University of Chiapas.

The preliminary program and a reference article by Dr. Pedro Tome Martin can be accessed at: Programa Sepech 2010 CSULB and Pedro Tome’s Article ‘Redescubriendo La Gran Chichimeca’, respectively, or at the College of Liberal Arts website at: http://www.csulb.edu/colleges/cla/news_events/?p=907.

The VIII Encuentro del SEPECH is open to the public, free and the entire conference will be simultaneously translated and webcasted, via Elluminate. The webcast will be internet accessible from anywhere in the world at: Elluminate. First time users should test their computers first, by visiting Elluminate’s first time user site. For any technical questions or problems logging in to the webcast, please contact Help Desk at 562-985-4959.

For more information on the program, please contact

Prof. Armando Vázquez-Ramos, California-México Project Coordinator

At: (562)430-5541 or (562)972-0986, or by Email: avazquez4@csulb.edu