American Red Cross Staff Meets with CLA Students for Mentor Lunch

May 6, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 9.39.09 AM During our second CLA Mentor Lunch on April 25, employees from the Greater Long Beach Chapter of the American Red Cross welcomed juniors and seniors Perla Balderas, Melysa Castro, Shana Dent, Megan Gray, Jennifer Kim, Michelle Ng, Brittany Prough, and Kathy Santilli, as well as Associate Dean Amy Bippus from the College of Liberal Arts.
The hosts included Volunteers Services Director Katie Kang, Youth Volunteer Specialist Ally Joy, Disaster Specialist Chris Campbell Jay, Community Outreach Specialist Guillermo Sanchez, Development Director Donya Webb, Financial Development Assistant Amira Seaboch, Volunteer HR Specialist Phil Wendel, and Chief Executive Officer Margaret Madonna-Arbini.
These professionals described their educational backgrounds and career paths, the responsibilities and day-to-day details of their current positions, and their insights regarding the skills sets and credentials necessary to succeed in the Red Cross and similar non-profit agencies. The students learned about the ways in which their skills gained from a Liberal Arts education such as writing, public speaking, analytical thinking, and cultural awareness are making them ideal candidates for careers at places like the American Red Cross and many other organizations.