An Evening of Persian-Jewish Music

March 2, 2015

Galeet Dardashti

The Jewish Studies Program presents, “An Evening of Persian-Jewish Music–Monajat with Galeet Dardashti and featuring video artist Dmitry Kmlnitsky. Middle Eastern vocalist and composer, Galeet Dardashti, the granddaughter of the most renowned singer of Persian classical music in Iran, and daughter of highly esteemed cantor Farid Dardashti, is the first woman in her family to continue her family tradition of distinguished Persian and Jewish musicianship. 

Her newest performance, Monajat, is inspired by the poetic prayers of Selihot, recited during the month preceding Jewish New Year. It is a time-specific concert and program that takes place during a period of deep reflection and spiritual preparation. In the project, she re-imagines the Selihot ritual in collaboration with an acclaimed ensemble of musicians, an electronic soundscape, and dynamic live video art. 

Monajat is a Persian word meaning an intimate dialogue with the Divine. Using Persian melodies and Hebrew texts, the work pays homage to her grandfather. She performs some of the Persian piyutim (liturgical songs) traditionally chanted as part of the Selihot service, as well as other liturgical and non-liturgical Hebrew and Persian poetry set to new music. Through electronics, she defies time and performs with her grandfather.

To reserve a free ticket, call (562) 985-2196. 

*Sponsored by the CSULB Jewish Program and Spanish Program and the Anti-Defamation League of Orange County/Long Beach*