October 21, 2022

The CSULB Political Science department is excited to announce the KTL Family LSAT Fund. The Fund will support CSULB Political Science majors planning to apply for law school by helping with costs related to taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Related costs include the LSAT registration fees and preparation costs, including necessary tutoring, preparation courses, and books. The current deadline for the KTL Family Fund is October 31st and will be open again for applications next year.

This support allows students to apply for funding to pay for or be reimbursed for LSAT-related fees. This funding is to help students not eligible for the LSAT exam fee waiver by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). Part of the application requires a financial need statement of 400 words and an adversity statement that is 800 words, discussing the challenges the student has faced in life and education, such as economic or social status, family situation, housing, and other related challenges.

 In addition to the statements, the student will list student organizations they have been involved with at CSULB, accompanied by a description of the student’s involvement. The list of student organizations is not required, but it helps supply context about the student.

The KTL Family LSAT Fund is only possible through the generous contributions of the KTL Family and the work of the Political Science department. Political Science professor and Campus Prelaw Advisor, Dr. Jason Whitehead, is convinced that this generous gift will help change the lives of some of our law-school-bound students. He shares that in his experience, saying:

 “Many CSULB students who apply to law school are first-generation college students who may not have access to some of the opportunities to gain implicit knowledge, fully prepare for, or afford the courses and tutoring that nearly every student needs to do well on the LSAT.  In short, the KTL Family Fund’s support will accomplish two things that I find to be quite remarkable: First, it will help to level the playing field through tangible, prompt resources. Second, and perhaps even more importantly, students will be empowered to dream big as they contemplate a future legal career. Both things can make all the difference.”

The KTL Family LSAT Fund will help CSULB students become lawyers, and ensure students meet no barriers on their academic and professional journey. The KTL Family LSAT Fund is part of CSULB’s larger effort to create a national model for student achievement, empowerment, and inclusion.

For more information about the application and for a link to the application itself, visit the CSUL Political Science website at