CLA Freshman SOAR

When Do I Receive Advising?

The CLA Advising Center/ATLAS will contact you via email with advising and registration information in June.

The email will include:

  • A recommended Fall 2021 schedule
  • Class registration instructions
  • Information about advising services for additional assistance (via Zoom, phone, or email)

When Do I Register for Classes?

You will enroll in your Fall 2021 classes one week prior to your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop.

You will receive information about your Registration Date when you sign up for SOAR.

What Can I Do to Prepare?

Need to Change Your Major?

If you are changing your major into or within CLA, submit a Major Change Request.

Important Deadlines, Reminders & Resources

Do More in 4!

Join a Freshman Learning Community

  • Take classes with other CLA freshmen
  • Connect with campus and classmates
  • Form study groups
  • Learn tips for academic success
  • And More!

More information will be emailed to you in May!