CLA First-Time, First-Year SOAR

Welcome to Your First Semester at CSULB as a CLA Student!

We look forward to assisting you as you prepare for your first semester at CSULB. To start the Advising & Registration process, review the information below.

When Do I Register?

You will be invited by email to sign up for either a morning or afternoon session with ATLAS on your confirmed Advising & Registration date.

In-Person and Virtual sessions are available.

How Do I Register for Classes?

Before your Advising & Registration session:

  • Complete the First-Time, First-Year Advising Survey
  • Sign up for a morning or afternoon session with an ATLAS advisor (sent to your email)
  • Complete the Advising & Registration BeachBoard Course

Check in to your Advising & Registration session:

  • In-Person: At the Psychology building courtyard
    • Look for the ATLAS flags and tent
  • Virtual: Via Zoom
    • Instructions and Zoom link sent to your CSULB email

During your Advising & Registration session:

  • Review your advisor’s recommended course plan
  • Search for course days and times using the following registration tools
  • Register for Fall 2022!

Need Registration Assistance?

ATLAS advisors will be available to assist you during your Advising & Registration Session

Next Steps

  • Pay your fees on time
  • Submit final transcripts by July 15th
  • Continue to check your BeachMail ( and personal email regularly

Need to Change Your Major?

If you are changing your major into or within CLA, submit a Major Change Request.

Important Deadlines, Reminders & Resources

Do More in 4!

Join a CLA Learning Community

  • Take classes with other first-year students
  • Connect with campus and classmates
  • Form study groups
  • Learn tips for academic success
  • And More!