CLA Freshman SOAR

Welcome to Your First Semester at CSULB as a CLA Student!

We look forward to assisting you as you prepare for your first semester at CSULB. To get started with the registration process, a personalized Registration Form will be sent to your personal and CSULB email 2-3 business days before your registration date.

When Do I Register?

You have access to register between 9am and 10pm on your confirmed Advising & Registration date, one week prior to your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop.

Review your SOAR confirmation email to find your Registration Date. Your Registration Date is NOT the same as your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop.

Registration Dates

How Do I Register for Classes?

On your Registration Date:

1.   Your advising hold will be released at 9am

2.   Use your registration tools to load your shopping cart

3.   Register for classes on your MyCSULB Student Center

4.   An advising hold will be placed on your account by the end of the day

Need Registration Assistance?

Request one-on-one help from an advisor on your registration date.

Next Steps

Need to Change Your Major?

If you are changing your major into or within CLA, submit a Major Change Request.

Important Deadlines, Reminders & Resources

Do More in 4!

Join a Freshman Learning Community

  • Take classes with other CLA freshmen
  • Connect with campus and classmates
  • Form study groups
  • Learn tips for academic success
  • And More!