CLA First-Time, First-Year SOAR

Welcome to Your First Semester at CSULB as a CLA Student!

We look forward to assisting you as you prepare for your first semester at CSULB. To start the Advising & Registration process, review the information below.

When Do I Register?

In late May, you will be invited by email to sign up for your advising session with ATLAS. This session will be in-person or virtual based on your confirmed Advising & Registration date.

How Do I Register for Classes?

Before your confirmed Advising & Registration session (at least one week prior):

  1. Check your personal and student email regularly for updates from the university
  2. Complete your First-Time/First-Year Advising Survey
  3. Submit your AP, IB, or Transfer credit to CSULB

During your confirmed Advising & Registration session:

  1. Review your advisor’s recommended course plan
  2. Search for course days and times
  3. Register for Fall 2023!

Need Registration Assistance?

ATLAS advisors will be available to assist you during your Advising & Registration Session

Next Steps

  • Pay your fees on time
  • Submit final transcripts by July 15th
  • Continue to check your BeachMail ( and personal email regularly

Need to Change Your Major?

If you are changing your major into or within CLA, submit a Major Change Request.

Important Deadlines, Reminders & Resources

Do More in CLA!

Join a CLA Learning Community

  • Take classes with other CLA first-year students
  • Connect with campus and classmates
  • Form study groups
  • Learn tips for academic success
  • And More!