About Us

Our Mission

The College of Liberal Arts Advising Center/ATLAS is committed to student success and empowerment. We view academic advising as a partnership with students as we provide the knowledge, tools, and inclusive environment they need to explore their passions, find their purpose, and persist to graduation. We collaborate with faculty advisors, internship specialists, and campus resources to support our students as they prepare to navigate life beyond college.

Our Goals

As the advising center for the largest and most diverse college on campus, we strive to:

Provide Comprehensive, Accurate, and Supportive Advising to CLA Students

In every student interaction, we aim to support students’ holistic needs and best interests by providing accuracy in advising, practicing empathy, and addressing student concerns in a culturally competent manner.

Support University Initiatives and Goals

ATLAS has been the primary player in the 2025 graduation initiative to improve 2-year and 4-year graduation rates. Our “More in 4” motto guides our graduation efforts and campaigns, ensuring students know that graduating on time does not limit them in their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Implement College of Liberal Arts Initiatives and Goals

Providing personalized advising and support for each of our CLA students, ATLAS strives to promote the incredible and diverse opportunities that CLA has to offer in and outside of the classroom, including a wide range of majors, minors, & certificates; college-based clubs & organizations; and internship & post-graduate resources.

Grow and Retain Competent, Highly-Trained, and Student-Centered Staff

From our advisors to our front office staff, every member of our ATLAS team matters. We believe that a well-supported and appreciated team is the foundation for a positive student experience.