CLA Commencement Photos!

May 23, 2024

On behalf of the CLA Dean’s Office, we congratulate our students on a job well done! We wish you the greatest success in your future endeavors and thank you for your time here at the Beach!

Your commencement photographs can be found here: Please download and share as you wish!

Alessandro Russo as the recipient of the 2023-24 Staff Council Outstanding Staff Award

April 22, 2024

The CSULB Staff Council Executive Committee congratulates Alessandro Russo!

Alessandro has contributed to the CSULB campus in many different roles, including as an undergraduate and graduate student, student organization leader, staff member and leader, and guest lecturer.

As a first-generation college student, Alessandro received his Bachelor of Arts in 2010, and his Master of Arts in 2016, in Italian Studies. During his time as a student, Alessandro served as President of the Club Italia student organization and published 2 translations of Italian works into English. In 2011, he seized the opportunity to join the ranks of administrative staff as Assistant to the Chair of the George L. Graziadio Center for Italian Studies. Later, he was Administrative Support Coordinator for the Learning Assistance Center, and Administrative Analyst/Specialist in the Department of Romance German Russian Languages & Literatures until 2022 before moving over to the Department of Economics in the same role.

In addition, over the years at CSULB, Alessandro has shared his vibrant Italian American family history as a CSULB guest lecturer in the course, “Mobsters, Mammas, Mafias, and Migrations.”

Alessandro joined the CSULB Staff Council in 2018 representing the College of Liberal Arts. In May 2021, he was elected as Staff Council Chair where he currently serves until the end of May 2024, completing the maximum three-year term. As Staff Council Chair, Alessandro was an active member of the Academic Senate Executive Committee, the International Education Committee (IEC), the Beach 2030 Reimagining Staff Working Group, and fulfilled many speaking engagements advocating on behalf of CSULB staff. In August 2023, he received the John and Phyllis Jung Endowed Full-Time Staff Award from the College of Liberal Arts.

In his nomination for the Staff Council Outstanding Staff Award, this excerpt from CSULB Prof. Bonnie Gasior’s recommendation letter illustrates Alessandro’s commitment to CSULB:

“In addition to performing his regular duties with grace and efficiency (and often under pressure)—indeed, Alessandro is one of the savviest staff members I know—he also embraced every opportunity to make the department more visible and stronger. He was instrumental in helping establish our MA program in Italian; he collaborated and coordinated with faculty on most if not all intellectual and cultural events; and he mentored students in the Italian program, as well as doing outreach with potential student candidates.

More broadly, Alessandro has amassed a wealth of activities and ongoing service work… including volunteering time in his local community, Riverside, through charity walks and preparing holiday care packages for the unhoused. By holding himself and others to the highest standards, he effortlessly elevates everyone in his sphere to perform at their best. “

We thank you Alessandro for representing and embodying the spirit of CSULB’s hard-working and dedicated staff.

Congratulations and Go Beach!


Staff Council Executive Committee

Upholding Mutual Respect and Civility

April 18, 2024

Dear Beach Community:

Passionate expression and dissent prompted by political and social issues both close to home and around the world have long been part of college campuses.

Most recently, we’ve grappled with the tragedies of the Israel-Hamas war. At The Beach and institutions across the country, we’ve seen many events, resident and guest speakers, and demonstrations.

This conflict has brought pain, anger, and debate. On our campus, we have protected the right to free expression for those feeling impacted by current events and, more broadly, for all community members who wish to speak on matters of concern to them.

With this right to free expression also comes responsibility. A tenet of our community is to engage in the peaceful yet robust exercise of expression consistent with our time, place, and manner policy and, just as importantly, to support the free speech rights of others with whom we may disagree. These content-neutral and viewpoint-neutral regulations apply to all members of our community and govern all expressive behavior on campus. They also govern the scheduling and use of facilities and grounds for campus activities, events, and programs. Please review and follow this policy. It is designed to protect everyone’s rights.

The so-called “heckler’s veto” — disrupting or shouting down others during presentations and events — is not protected speech; it is a form of censorship and a violation of our time, place, and manner policy. I am proud that we have not experienced such coercive disruption at The Beach. Thank you.

I raise these issues with you because, in these intensely contentious times of extremely polarized opinions, we must continue to support and shape a Beach culture of free thought coupled with mutual respect and civility. We strive to have all community members feel safe, feel heard, and thrive freely and authentically.

I know we all want this to be a campus where we continue to bring our best selves to the classroom and the workplace, living the values we collectively hold so close – compassion, creativity, acceptance, and innovation. Everyone should have that opportunity and right to bring their whole selves to The Beach, whatever their views or identities. Please protect that right by refusing to denigrate, defame, or label those who hold views different from your own.

Jane Close Conoley, Ph.D.

College of Liberal Arts Showcase – Day at the Beach

March 28, 2024


College of Liberal Arts Showcase – Day at the Beach

Saturday, April 13, 2024 | 10:00am – 3:00pm | Upper Quad | MAP 

Explore all that the College of Liberal Arts has to offer at the Day at the Beach CLA Showcase! Speak with faculty about their programs, learn about major, minor and professional certificate options, find out about internship, study abroad, and research opportunities, meet with an academic advisor and learn about student organizations—all in one place. Music will be playing, snacks will be flowing, and ten lucky scavenger hunt participants will win a special prize.  

Student Success Panel | 11:00am – 12:00pm | LA-151 | Flyer

Come grab a snack, enjoy some music, and participate in our CLA scavenger hunt to win a prize!

For more information, please check out our Discover CLA website here.

Don’t forget to RSVP for Day at the Beach!

2024 Best Master’s Thesis Awardees

March 25, 2024

With great pleasure, I announce the recipients of our 2024 Best Master’s Thesis winners. These graduate students are recognized for their outstanding scholarship – we congratulate them on their success.

Maria Venegas
“Vulnerabilities and Resilience to Weather Events: Woodford Saint Andrew, Jamaica”
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Gary Hytrek
Committee: Drs. Lily House-Peters and Dmitrii Sidorov

Julie Haltom
“Five Acres of Freedom: Jackrabbit Homesteading in the Mojave Desert, 1938-1976”
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Eleen Luhr
Committee: Drs. Sarah Schrank and Hugh Wilford

On behalf of the college, I thank the thesis supervisors and committees, along with all the faculty and staff who supported these students in their graduate studies.

Please join me in congratulating all involved!

Dean Deborah Thien


March 20, 2024

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CLA 2024 Outstanding Baccalaureate Student Awards

March 19, 2024

The Outstanding Baccalaureate Student award recognizes students who demonstrate and exceed expectations in their undergraduate studies. These students represent the best of the College of Liberal Arts. On behalf of the college, I, Dean Deborah Thien, congratulate them on their success and thank all of you for supporting them in their scholarly and creative endeavors.




Jillian (JJ) Mueller-Dombois


Minor in English: Creative Writing


Raya Torres

Journalism and Public Relations

Minor in Psychology


Honorable Mentions


Mikayla Browne

Political Science


Kelliana Lim


Minors in Asian and Asian American Studies and Psychology


Mariana Villegas

Human Development

Chicano & Latino Studies


Eleanor Nicklin



March 19, 2024

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March 18, 2024

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March 18, 2024

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