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Dr. Sophea Seng awarded Early Career Research Fellowship

Aug 2021
Portrait of Sophea Seng, Asian American Studies, CLA
Mandatory Credit: Sean DuFrene / Photographer
Strategic Communications
California State University, Long Beach

Dr. Sophea Seng was awarded an Early Career Research Fellowship from the American Council of Learned Society for her project, Tolerable Others: Buddhism and the Cambodian Diaspora in Italy. She was nominated by the Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Program in Buddhist Studies and will be on leave August 2022 – May 2023 to work on her manuscript. 

Additionally, Sophea was awarded a South, Southeast, and Global Asias Seminar Grant from the Association for Asian Studies, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), and part of the 2022-2023 Striving for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Asian Studies: Humanities Grants for Asian Studies Scholars Competition Award

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies – May 2022

One entry from the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. The article examines the BBC One/HBO series Gentleman Jack (2019‐present). It analyzes the impact of Anne Lister’s (1791-1840) life and complex identity on queer histories and cultures. The article also maps the substance of the series, the circumstances of its coming into being and the fan response to provide some sense of the significance of Anne Lister and the fact that her life was hidden in plain sight for almost 200 years.

Reed, Jennifer.Gentleman Jack Queers Popular Imagination,” Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture Volume 6 Number 3 May, 2022.

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Linguistics – May 2022

Five entries from the Department of Linguistics. Entries include studies of Kurdish as a heritage language and of Basque, Spanish, and Tex-Mex.

Rodríguez-Ordóñez, Itxaso (in press). The role of frequency in the acquisition of structured variation: the case of Basque ergativity. International Journal of Bilingualism.  

Rodríguez-Ordóñez, Itxaso (in press). Variationist typology: assessing convergence between Basque and Spanish subject pronoun expression. Lapurdum.  

Rodríguez-Ordóñez, Itxaso, Kasstan, J., O’Rourke, B. (in press). Responding to sociolinguistic change: New speakers and variationist sociolinguistics. International Journal of Bilingualism.   

Rodríguez-Ordóñez, Itxaso, McCrocklin, S., & Tiburcio, A. (in press). Spanish and Tex-Mex in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas: Bilinguals’ perceptions. Spanish in Context.  

Sharifi, A (In Press).  Khezri, H, Yilmaz B;  Barwari,Z;  Ciziri, N;  Derince, S &  Sheyholislami. J. Kurdish as a heritage language in Diaspora. In J.Sheyholislami, G. Haig, H. Khezri, S. Akin, & E.Öpengin (Eds.). Oxford Handbook of Kurdish Linguistic. Oxford University Press. 

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Human Development – May 2022

Twelve entries from the Department of Human Development. Entries include studies on gender violence prevention, on issues of age, family, and literacy in China, on data collection methods, and on intersectional awareness in counseling.

Eriksen, Shelley J. and Jackson Katz, “Credit where it is due:  Gender violence prevention education as a leadership issue,” in S. Tan & L. DeFrank-Cole (Eds.,) A Research Agenda for Gender and Leadership, London: Edward Elgar Publishing (forthcoming, 2022)

Eriksen, Shelley J. 2021. “Gender violence prevention as leadership education: Feminist-inspired bystander training for college student leaders,” Journal of Leadership Education, 20(4), 86-106. 

Eriksen, Shelley J., Sheetal Chib, Jackson Katz, Yanet Cortez-Barba, Pam Rayburn, and Leah Aldridge. 2021. “The best of times, the worst of times: ‘Best practices’ in survivor support and gender violence prevention education on college campuses,” in Women & Therapy, Special Issue:  Resistance & Recovery in the #metoo movement, 44 (4):

Huang, Claudia (2021) Becoming dama: the new old age in urban China. Journal of Aging Studies 57.

Huang, Claudia (2021) Families under (peer pressure.) In Chinese Families Upside Down, Yunxiang Yan, ed. Brill. 

Kelly, Kimberly R. (Ed). (forthcoming). Narrative story completion methodologies: Research approaches across the lifespan. Oxford University Press.

Kelly, Kimberly R., & Bailey, A. L. (2021). Narrative story stem methodologies: Use and utility of quantitative and qualitative approaches across the lifespan. Narrative Inquiry, 31(1), pp. 163-190. (2022 Distinguished Research Award in Human Development from the American Educational Research Association, Division E)

Chang, T. F., & Shih, Kristy Y. (forthcoming). Chinese American parents’ expectations for and involvement in children’s literacy learning and achievement: Impacts of cultural values and acculturation. Invited chapter in Family Literacy Practices in Asian and Latinx Families: Educational and Cultural Considerations. Palgrave Mcmillan Critical Cultural Studies of Childhood series

Shih, Kristy Y., & Chang, I. J. (Fall 2021). The invisible costs of the model minority myth on Asian American families. Family Focus, F4-F5.

Chang, T. F., & Shih, Kristy Y. (2021). Are Asian American children and youth high achieving? Unpacking variations of educational achievement from an integrative ecological perspective. Asian American Journal of Psychology

Chen, S. Y., *Chang, T. F., & *Shih, Kristy Y. (2021). Model minority stereotype: Addressing impacts of racism and inequities on Asian American adolescents’ development. Journal of Child and Adolescent Counseling, 7, 118-131. *denotes equal authorship

Smith Di Faustino, Leona (2021). Two Truths: The need for intersectional awareness. In D.B. Wexler & H.B. Sweet (Eds.), #MeToo Informed Therapy: Counseling approaches for men, women, and couples. W. W. Norton & Company.

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Environmental Science & Policy – May 2022

Four entries from the Environmental Science & Policy Program. Entries include environmental studies of the Savanna and of California

Laris, Paul. On the problems and promises of savanna fire regime change. Nat Commun 12, 4891 (2021).

Laris, Paul, Yang, L., Dembele, F. et al. Fire and water: the role of grass competition on juvenile tree growth and survival rates in a mesic savanna. Plant Ecol 222, 861–875 (2021).

Laris, Paul, Koné, M., Dembélé, F., Rodrigue, C. M., Yang, L., Jacobs, R., and Laris, Q.: Methane gas emissions from savanna fires: what analysis of local burning regimes in a working West African landscape tell us, Biogeosciences, 18, 6229–6244,, 2021.

Laris, Paul, Seymour, C. and Mills, M., 2021. Where Have the Native Grasses Gone?: What a Long-Term, Repeat Study Can Tell Us about California’s Native Prairie Landscapes.  Rural Landscapes: Society, Environment, History, 8(1), p.1. DOI:

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Economics – May 2022

Six entries from the Department of Economics. Entries include studies of the function of retailers and of financial and economic issues of China.

Yutian Chen, Hui Xiong and Ying-Ju Chen, Should Traditional Retailers Function as Pre-warehouses of Online Retailers? International Journal of Production Research, 59, 2021.

Chiang, Tsun-Feng, Jack Hou and Pi-Han Tsai, 2022. “Fiscal Incentives and Land Finance Cycles of Prefectures in China,” The World Economy, 45(4): 1262-1293 April 2022.  DOI: 10.1111/twec.13163. SSCI journal.

Huang, Ling, Haiyue Liu, Jack Hou and Fulong Xiao “Long-term financing effects of Chinese non-SOEs Belt and Road OFDI,” Accounting and Finance, 62(S1):1819-1850, April 2022.  DOI: 10.1111/acfi.12841. SSCI journal.

Jiang, Jie, Jack Hou, Cangyu Wang, and HaiYue Liu, 2021. “COVID-19 impact on Chinese Firm investment—Evidence from China,” Journal of Asian Economics, 75(4):101320. DOI: 10.1016/j.asieco. SSCI journal.

Liu, Haiyue, Jack Hou and Zhimin Yi, 2021. “Does OFDI Contemporaneously Affect the Stock Performance of Listed Firms?” Research on Financial and Economic Issues, October 2021, pp. 75-85. In Chinese, a CSSCI journal.

Xiaosong Wang, Jack Hou and Faqin Lin, 2021. “ITC antidumping toward China rulings: Is political factor overwhelming?” Bulletin of Economic Research, 74(1):106-122. DOI: 10.1111/boer.12277. SSCI journal.

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Communication Studies – May 2022

Twenty-three entries from the Department of Communication Studies. Entries include studies of classroom strategies, of the American rights of religious freedom and equal protection, of persuasion research, and of positive communication in leadership.

Bolkan, San (2022). Strategic, applied negotiation. Little Bull.

Bolkan, San, Goodboy, A. K., Shin, M., & Chiasson, R. (in press). Teacher antagonism: Reducing students’ sustained attention through decreased affect toward instructors and diminished motivation to learn. Manuscript in press in Communication Education.

Goodboy, A. K., & Bolkan, San (in press). Moderated effects of partner interdependence on relational turbulence. Manuscript in press in the Western Journal of Communication.  

Goodboy, A. K., Bolkan, San, & Shin, M. (in press). A mixture modeling perspective of relational turbulence theory. Manuscript in press in Communication Monographs.

Goodboy, A. K., Bolkan, San, & Shin, M. (in press). Relational turbulence processes among avoidant and anxious spouses. Manuscript in press in Communication Quarterly

Goodboy, A. K., Bolkan, San, Shin, M., & Chiasson, R. (in press). Affective and interest consequences of lecture misbehaviors for students with mastery goals. Manuscript in press in Communication Education.

Quaack, K. R., Bolkan, San, & Goodboy, A. K. (in press). Interdependence and affective processes in relational turbulence theory. Manuscript in press in Communication Reports

Shin, M., Goodboy A. K., & Bolkan, San (2022). Profiles of doctoral students’ self-determination: Susceptibilities to burnout and dissent. Communication Education, 71, 83-107. 

Bolkan, San (2021). Storytelling in the classroom: Facilitating cognitive interest by promotion attention, structure, and meaningfulness. Communication Reports, 34, 1-13.

Bolkan, San, & Goodboy, A. K. (2021). Negotiating in distributive bargaining scenarios: The effect of sharing one’s alternative. Communication Studies, 72, 720-733.

Bolkan, San, Pedersen, W. C., Stormes, K. N., & Manke, B. (2021). Predicting four-year graduation: Using social cognitive career theory to model the impact of prescriptive advising, unit load, and students’ self-efficacy. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice, 22, 655-675. 

Griffin, D. J., Arth, Z. W., Hakim, S. D., Britt, B. C., Gilbreath, J., Pike, M. P., Laningham, A. J., Bordbar, F.,Hart, S., & Bolkan, San (2021). Collaborations in communication: Authorship credit allocation via a weighted fractional count procedure. Scientometrics, 126, 4355-4372.

Goodboy, A. K., Bolkan, San, Kromka, S. M., & Knoster, K. C. (2021). Instructional dissent over the course of the semester. Communication Education, 70, 347-364.

Goodboy, A. K., Bolkan, San, Solomon, D. H., & Brisini, K. S. C. (2021). Relational uncertainty within relational turbulence theory: The bifactor exploratory structural equation model. Journal of Communication, 71, 403-430.

Shin, M., & Bolkan, San (2021).  Intellectually stimulating students’ intrinsic motivation: The mediating influence of student engagement, self-efficacy, and student academic support. Communication Education, 70, 146-164.

Kevin A. Johnson and Jennifer Asenas (Eds.). Religious Freedom v. Equal Protection: Clashing American Rights. Peter Lang Publishing. (Forthcoming, June 2022).

Kevin A. Johnson and Jennifer J. Asenas. Book Review of Kelly Park. Just Like Me: When the Pros Played on the Sandlot. Sunbury Press, 2020. NINE: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture. (U of Nebraska Journal). v. 31 (2022, forthcoming).

Jennifer J. Asenas and Kevin A. Johnson. Book Review of Lincoln A. Mitchell. The Giants and Their City: Major League Baseball in San Francisco, 1976-1992. Kent, OH: Kent State University Press, 2021. NINE: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture. (U of Nebraska Journal). v. 30, n. 1/2 (2022).

Kevin A. Johnson. Book Review of Ian Rosenberg. The Fight for Free Speech: Ten Cases That Define Our First Amendment Freedoms. New York: New York University Press, 2021. Political Science Quarterly. (in press).

Valerie Ortega and Kevin A. Johnson. “Big Data Drive: The Rhetoric of Biometric Big Data.” POROI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Rhetorical Analysis & Invention. 16.1 (2021): Article 6. 

Wigley, C. J., McCroskey, Lynda L., & Rancer, A. S. (2021). Trait argumentativeness as a correlate of bolster and counterargue tendencies in resistance to persuasion research. Communication Research Reports, 38(1), 12-22.

Jones, C., & Young, Stacy L. (2021). The mother-daughter body image connection: The perceived role of mothers’ thoughts, words, and actions. Journal of Family Communication, 21(2), 118-126. DOI: 10.1080/15267431.2021.1908294.

Biganeh, M., & Young, Stacy L. (2021). Positive communication in leadership: What matters and surprisingly what does not. International Journal of Business Communication, 1-20. doi:10.1177/2329488420987277.


In light of the recent protests and statements in support of Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist organizing efforts, the College of Liberal Arts is highlighting how its courses incorporate issues related to Black Lives Matter. We will highlight one course each month. You can view all of our courses here:

See the description below detailing how CLA faculty advance the anti-racist messaging of Black Lives Matter through assignments, readings, and pedagogical practices that affirm the lives, history, and culture of Black people across the globe. Descriptions fall into one of three categories—Long-Standing Practices, Recent Changes, and Future Plans—designed to demonstrate the ongoing nature of anti-racist efforts:

Long-Standing Practices

Instructor: Dr. Aparna Nayak
Course: FREN 475/575A – Seminar in Francophone Literature: Africa

Working mostly with post-colonial novels and films from Sub-Saharan West and Central Africa, this course explores the engagement of the African novel with key issues such as colonialism, the politics of ethnicity, language, religion, age, race, gender, migration, the impact of climatic, cultural, and geopolitical diversity and the construction of nationhood. Although the focus is on postcolonial works, we will begin by mapping the work of earlier canonized figures such as Maran, Senghor, and Alioune Diop, among others, in order to examine the way they engage with these issues, before moving our focus to that of a younger generation of writers emerging in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Students will become familiar with writers from Senegal, Ivory Coast, Congo, and Guinea. By way of our study of these texts and the contexts of their creation, we will also examine the relationship between France and its former colonies in West Africa, from first encounters to current discourses and debates about what some call “Françafrique,” neocolonial exploitation, migration, to name a few.  

Dr. Madeleine Liseblad (Journalism and Public Relations) Receives Fulbright Specialist Award to Romania at Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca

The U.S. Department of State and the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board have announced that Madeleine Liseblad of Journalism and Public Relations has received a Fulbright Specialist Program award. Dr. Liseblad will complete a project at Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca in Romania where she will exchange knowledge and establish partnerships benefiting participants, institutions, and communities both in the U.S. and overseas through a variety of educational and training activities within Communication and Journalism.

Dr. Liseblad is the first Fulbright recipient from the Department of Journalism and Public Relations. 

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Liseblad on this great achievement!

Fulbright Press Release 2022 Liseblad