Faculty Publications: American Studies – March 2023

February 27, 2023

2023 Justin Gomer and Shaun Ossei-Owusu, “Coaching While Black: Race, Leadership, and the National Football League.” Journal of Sport and Social Issues print forthcoming; early online access at https://doi.org/10.1177/01937235221144435) (Peer-Reviewed)

2023 Brett Mizelle, “Epidemics, the Mass Killing of Pigs, and the Challenges of Multispecies Justice,” in Animals and Epidemics in Historical Perspective, ed. Axel Hüntelmann, Christian Jaser, Mieke Roscher, and Nadir Weber (Böhlau-Verlgag, forthcoming). (Peer-Reviewed)

2023 Preeti Sharma, Julci Areza, Ana Luz Gonzalez-Vasquez, Lisa Fu, Lucero Herrera, Saba Waheed. Nailing New Labor Models: Exploring Sectoral Bargaining and High Road Training Partnerships in the Nail Salon Sector. (UCLA Labor Center Report) 

2022 (October) Crystal Baik, Diane Wong, Vivian Truong, Minju Bae, Preeti Sharma, Amita Manghnani, and Lena Sze, “Dwelling in Unwellness: A/P/A Voices COVID-19 Public Memory Project,” In The Journal of Asian American Studies. (Peer-Reviewed) 

2022 Preeti Sharma, , Lucy Gonzalez, Lucero Herrera, Saba Waheed, Lisa Fu, Dung Nguyen, Tony Nyugen, Prarthana Gurung, Pabitra Dash, Nancy Nguyen, and Emily Tran. Working Under COVID-19: Experiences of Nail Salon Workers in CA, NY, PA, & NJ. (UCLA Labor Center Report)

2021 (November) Mai-Linh Hong, Chrissy Lau, and Preeti Sharma, editors. The Auntie Sewing Squad Guide to Mask Making, Radical Care, and Racial Justice. University of California Press. (Peer-Reviewed) 

2021 (November) Preeti Sharma. “Labor: Sewing as Care Work.” In The Auntie Sewing Squad Guide to Mask Making, Radical Care, and Racial Justice.” University of California Press. (Peer-Reviewed) 

2021 (August) Preeti Sharma, Lina Stepick, Janna Shadduck-Hernandez, and Saba Waheed. “Time Theft in the Los Angeles Retail Sector: The Need for New Labor Standards and a Fair Workweek,” In The Labor Studies Journal. (Peer-Reviewed) 

Faculty Publications: English – March 2023

February 27, 2023

Carlile, Susan. “Teaching the Lady’s Museum and Sophia: Imperialism, Early Feminism, and Beyond.” with Karenza Sutton-Bennett. ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830. vol.12: no.1, Article 7, 2022. https://digitalcommons.usf.edu/abo/vol12/iss1/7/

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Faculty Publications: Political Science – March 2023

February 27, 2023

Liesl Haas and Richard Haesly (2023). “This One New Humanity: Can Multi-Ethnic Churches Be Spaces for Racial Reconciliation?” Journal of Religion and Society 25 (1): forthcoming.

XueYing Hu and Teresa Wright, “Developments in China’s Public Opinion from Hu to Xi: Corruption, Activism, and Regime Legitimacy,” China Quarterly (forthcoming). 

Kathryn J. Perkins, Grant Harting, and Evelyn Ortiz Soto. Forthcoming. “A Right to Transition? Gender-Segregated Spaces and the Legal Construction of Transgender Identity”. Transgender Studies Quarterly.

Kathryn J. Perkins and Evelyn Ortiz Soto. 2022. “What’s on the Gay (Legal) Agenda? An Analysis of Press Releases From LGBT Legal Advocacy Organizations, 2010–2019”. Journal of Homosexuality. DOI: 10.1080/00918369.2022.2116303

Perkins, Kathryn J. 2022. “Willful Lives: Self-Determination in Lesbian and Trans Feminisms”. Journal of Lesbian Studies. 26(2), pp.194-198.

Faculty Publications: Classics – March 2023

February 27, 2023

Hogan, Andrew. “Record of Sales at Auction” In Emily Cole, Andrew Hogan, & Todd Hickey (eds.) “Of exceptional interest and importance”: Papyri Curated by Affiliates of The Center for the Tebtunis Papyri. The Bancroft Library: UC Berkeley. (2022), pp. 52-54.  

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Faculty Publications: Sociology – March 2023

February 27, 2023

Alimahomed-Wilson, Jake. 2022. “Choke Points et Lutte Antiraciste [Choke Points and the Fight Against Racism].” Mouvements, 2(3): 26-35.

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Faculty Publications: Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies

February 27, 2023

Hope Hassberg, Analena, Araceli Esparza, Lori Baralt, and Sabrina Alimahomed-Wilson. 2022. “Narratives of Gendered and Racialized Carework: Feminist Faculty of Color Organizing During the Pandemic.” Journal of Feminist Scholarship 21 (Fall): 22-45. 10.23860/jfs.2022.21.6.

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Faculty Publications: Asian and Asian American Studies – March 2023

February 27, 2023

Ha, K. (2022). Epistemic stance in Korean assessment pairs: The role of evidential and non-evidential sentence-ending suffixes. Discourse Studies 24(6), 692–718.

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Fireside Chat Recap

February 3, 2023

On February 2, 2023, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), Deborah Thien, held the inaugural CLA Dean Fireside Chat. The Associate Dean of CLA, Dan O’Conner was the host for the chat, fielding questions from audience submissions. The Fireside Chat was a virtual conversation where alumni and friends of the college got the chance to learn about Dean Thien’s personal background, how she came into a leadership position, and her goals for CLA, including CLA internships and how Alumni can get involved. 

Deborah Thien arrived at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) in 2006, starting out as an assistant professor in the Geography department. She then became the Interim Director of the Honors Program, leading to her position as Chair of the Human Development department. She then became the Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Student Services before becoming the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.  

Dean was because she has a “deep belief and value in what we do as a college and our role as an agent of change for our students.”   

Thinking about CLA’s future, Dean Thien says, “we have the opportunity to make an incredible impact around us.” Dean Thien addresses the current rhetoric around Liberal Arts majors and post-graduate employment, saying, “we have a responsibility to communicate the value of what we do.” A Liberal Arts education provides a diverse and successful career, especially if students are given the chance to gain professional experience through an internship. Dean Thien’s goal is to create as many subsidized internships as possible so students can learn and see what they can accomplish with their degree. She also addressed the current issue with internships saying, “we want to see more students take an internship and finances not be a barrier.”  

Dean Thien concluded the fireside chat by answering the question of how alumni and friends of the college can get more involved. She believes alumni and friends of the college are important to not only the college, but to students, because they serve as a role model and show a successful career trajectory. She encourages alumni to get involved by serving as internship partners, speaking to a class, or by donating to one of the CLA initiatives.  

You can watch the recording of this video below for those who could not attend this year. 

CSULB Moot Court Advances to the Sweet 16 for the 13th Straight Season

January 24, 2023

The team advanced to the Sweet 16 for the 13th straight season and one of our students was named a top orator. The team dominated the national written brief competition, with CSULB mooters producing two top five and two additional top ten written briefs. This is the second most in a single season in AMCA history and the 13th straight season the team has placed in the written brief category as well.

Moot Court Director Dr. Lewis Ringel says this was one of the best first seasons of a new generation of mooters both insofar as regionals and nationals go. The team is young but more experienced and a bit more battle hardened. The future is bright.

Please join us in congratulating Lewis, his team, and the many coaches and alumni that support the program.

To keep up on all things CSULB Moot Court, you can follow them on Instagram, of course!  @csulbmootcourt

Employee of the Month (December 2022)

January 17, 2023

Katy Calen – Lead Interpreter and American Sign Language and Deaf Cultures (ASLD) Program Coordinator – Linguistic

Awarded Monday, December 12, 2022, via Zoom Virtual celebration. Katy was joined by President Jane Close Conoley, College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Dean Deborah Thien, Linguistics Professor and Department Chair Nancy Hall, CLA Administrative Services Manager Terie Bostic, CLA and campus colleagues, and her mother, Joan.

In the six years that Katy Calen has worked at CSULB, she has made outstanding contributions while serving as the Lead Interpreter and American Sign Language and Deaf Cultures (ASLD) Services Coordinator in the Linguistics and ASLD departments. Katy has wealth of experience with 27 years as an American Sign Language-English interpreter. In addition, she holds three national certifications, including two generalist certifications and one legal certification.

Barbara LeMaster, the previous Director of ASLD and current Anthropology Faculty member, shared, “Katy has been with us since before our ASLD Bachelor of Arts (BA)/BA Option & Minor doors opened in Fall 2017. She walked into an unfurnished office, laughed, and offered to get her folding chair out of her car! That showed us who she is…she is selfless, and willing to ride the beach waves as they go up and down.

“As lead interpreter, she is the voice of the signing ASLD faculty…When she is not interpreting, she does whatever is asked of her – and what we have asked her to do is a lot! She handles technology for ASLD, helps faculty and students with a complete range of issues, she has put together all ASL homework on quizzes with auto-grading to help professors and students in level 1, she puts together every event we have…she found our interpreter loop system and a second one and keeps on top of their functioning (these are used for students who need classes taught in ASL to be interpreted into English)…The rest she does on her ‘down time’ when not interpreting.”

Linguistics Professor and Department Chair Nancy Hall further described Katy: “Katy is the organizational backbone of ASLD, always on top of the myriad responsibilities of administering a complex and rapidly growing program. Her skills, positive attitude, initiative, and resourcefulness are much appreciated.”

“Katy is a roll up her sleeves and get it done kind of person,” noted Terie Bostic, the College of Liberal Arts Administrative Services Manager. “She has worked with me on hiring the Interpreting mentors and supplementing our interpreting needs for faculty – all difficult labor-intensive tasks. But she always perseveres. Her dedication and commitment is truly amazing.”

Katy’s hobbies include painting, crocheting, and spending time with her 15-year-old son who is a scholar-athlete participating in swim and orchestra. Katy also enjoys volunteering for her son’s club swim team by running the snack bar at large events.