In light of the recent protests and statements in support of Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist organizing efforts, the College of Liberal Arts is highlighting how its courses incorporate issues related to Black Lives Matter. We will highlight one course each month.  You can view all of our courses here:

See the description below detailing how CLA faculty advance the anti-racist messaging of Black Lives Matter through assignments, readings, and pedagogical practices that affirm the lives, history, and culture of Black people across the globe. Descriptions fall into one of three categories—Long-Standing Practices, Recent Changes, and Future Plans—designed to demonstrate the ongoing nature of anti-racist efforts:

Instructor: Jeanelle Uy
Course: ANTH 315 Human Variation

In ANTH 315, I spend time on the history of the study of human variation, which started out as the study of human “races”, and how early racist and colonialist approaches still have reverberating effects on today’s popular views about race and human bodies.

I typically assign various types of media outside of lecture, such as TED Talks, readings, and podcasts that are about or produced/written by Black, Brown, and Indigenous authors/creators. For example, an early reading I assign when we talk about evolution is an article about John Edmonstone, a formerly enslaved man from Guyana who taught Charles Darwin about tropical animals and taxidermy at the University of Edinburgh, before the voyage of the HMS Beagle.

I also introduce to students how certain standards of “normality” we have today are intertwined with the history and influence of colonization and enslavement of Africans (as well as Indigenous Americans). Black (and other POC) bodies were falsely pathologized or deemed “less evolved”; as a consequence, we now have standards of “normality” that were largely based on the opposite of what was perceived to be the Black condition. One example is the perception that only thin/slender bodies can be beautiful and healthy while other bodies are not. For this, I assign an interview with Dr. Sabrina Strings, author of Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia. Another example is the perception that a male body should have a substantially different appearance and gender expression from a female body, since a “heightened difference between sexes” was perceived to be “evolved” and “civilized”. Western imperialist cultures emphasized binary gender roles and expression partially because these were not universal among those they colonized. Related to this, I assign excerpts from Dr. Oyeronke Oyewumi’s The Invention of Women: Making an African Sense of Western Gender Discourses.

It is my hope that students leave my classroom with a raised consciousness about implicit bias and equipped with vocabulary and solutions to have informed and equitable behaviors and conversations in their daily lives around race.

Interim David Hood Professor of Ancient History

In 2018, our colleague, David Hood, passed away. David’s career at CSULB spanned more than 50 years and during that time he established an unprecedented model of service to the university, college, and department, and built up the History department’s Ancient History program, serving as an invaluable mentor to countless students at both the BA and MA levels. More than anything, David’s dream was for Ancient History to thrive at CSULB, and to that end, in his estate, he generously bequeathed both an endowed professor of Ancient Greek and Roman history and an Ancient History Program Fund to serve students at the BA and MA levels who are studying that field at CSULB. 

The Department of History is very pleased to announce that Dr. Mik Larsen has been offered, and agreed to serve as, the Interim David Hood Professor of Ancient History. Dr. Larsen received his doctorate from UCLA and, beginning in Spring 2018, has been a lecturer in the History department. Since he started teaching at CSULB, Mik has generated renewed interest in ancient history and built up a strong following amongst our majors. Furthermore, he has developed new courses for the curriculum, expanding our coverage of the Ancient World into Western Asia. 

Please join us in congratulating Mik and wishing him well in building on David Hood’s legacy.

Student Success Story: Robin Gaitan

We have a new student success story! 

Learning during a pandemic hasn’t been the easiest thing for students across campus. The move from sitting in a classroom with twenty-five other students to being at home learning through a computer has been difficult for many students. Robin Gaitan, an English Literature graduate student, has made some big changes to make the most of her experience learning online.

Navigating online courses has been an interesting experience for Robin, who took an academic leave in Spring 2020 in order to finish classes from the semester before. When she returned in Fall 2020, she didn’t experience a huge change in terms of learning style. However, Robin is legally blind and a BMAC student, so there were different challenges she had to work through. “There have been a few more hurdles that I’ve had to deal with  learning Zoom, figuring that out, how does it work with the computer technology that I use on my computer,” she says. She has been able to get accommodations that have helped her learn, but it doesn’t replace being on campus, which she misses the most.

To read more of Robin’s story, please follow this link:

Faculty Publications – April/May 2021

Faculty Publications – April 2021

Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts actively publish in their respective fields. Their research, scholarly, and creative activities—showcased here—contribute meaningfully to their disciplines and enrich their teaching content and methods.  

Featured Academic Areas – April 2021


American Studies

Gomer, Justin. White Balance: How Hollywood Shaped Colorblind Ideology and Undermined Civil Rights. Studies in United States Cultures Series. University of North Carolina Press, 2020.

Mizelle, Brett. Handbook of Historical Animal Studies, edited with Mieke Roscher and André Krebber (De Gruyter, forthcoming June 2021).
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Environmental Science and Policy

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International Studies

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Jewish Studies

Blutinger, Jeffrey C. “‘I Know One Day a Miracle Will Happen’: Bruno Balz and the Position of the Gay Artist in Nazi Germany,” Journal of the History of Sexuality 30:3 (forthcoming).

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* designates a student co-author
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*Denotes mentored graduate or undergraduate student

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Announcing the 2021 CLA Outstanding Baccalaureates

CLA would like to congratulate all of the graduates in the class of 2021!!

We are so proud of you!

We would like to recognize our three outstanding baccalaureates: 

Alondra Ulloa (Anthropology) Joshua Acosta (History) Adriana Ochoa (Sociology)

Well done!!


In light of the recent protests and statements in support of Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist organizing efforts, the College of Liberal Arts is highlighting how its courses incorporate issues related to Black Lives Matter. We will highlight one course each month.  You can view all of our courses here:

See the description below detailing how CLA faculty advance the anti-racist messaging of Black Lives Matter through assignments, readings, and pedagogical practices that affirm the lives, history, and culture of Black people across the globe. Descriptions fall into one of three categories—Long-Standing Practices, Recent Changes, and Future Plans—designed to demonstrate the ongoing nature of anti-racist efforts:

Instructor: Dr. Norbert Schürer
Course: ENGL 681R: Jane Austen

When most people think of Jane Austen, they think of pretty bonnets, horse-drawn carriages, and country dances. While those are certainly part of the picture, Austen was also involved in the business of empire, both because she lived in a time of almost constant international war and because two of her brothers became high-ranking officers in the Royal Navy and travelled all over the world in that capacity. In particular, Austen demonstrated some interest in the slave plantations in the West Indies, i.e., the Caribbean. Even more specifically, she was writing in the window between the abolition of the slave trade (1807) and the abolition of enslavement in most of the British empire (1833).

In my major author course on Jane Austen, ENGL 681R, these issues have always formed an important part of the discussion of Austen’s 1814 novel Mansfield Park. After reading the novel, where the main estate is supported by the plantation economy, we discuss the ground-breaking 1993 essay “Jane Austen and Empire” by the Orientalist Edward Said, which argues that Austen implicitly accepted and supported the slave trade. Then, we read some of the many responses to Said, which alternately argue that he is right, that Austen was an anti-racist who opposed slavery, or that she was an ameliorationist who believed that slavery would ‘naturally’ end because the slave trade had been abolished. Finally, we return to Mansfield Park to reassess the novel on our own.

Beach Forensics Qualifies to National Championships!

Beach Forensics continued its momentous season by qualifying to numerous national championship tournaments in the beginning of March. First, the group of Rebecca Cantor (Beach Forensics Team President), Zhongliang Gai, Isabel Guzman, Harmony Hernandez, and Lynzie Hinman all individually qualified to both the National Speech Championship and National Forensic Association National Championship in May! This is the third consecutive year that five or more students competing at CSULB in intercollegiate speech have qualified to at least two distinct national championship tournaments!

Second, Rachel Thibodeaux became the first competitor at CSULB in nearly a decade to qualify to the National Parliamentary Debate Association and National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence National Championships! Thibodueax finished the regular season in parliamentary debate ranked the number 32 competitor in the country, and picked up victories over Point Loma, Grand Canyon, and Arkansas State at the national championships.

Third, the rookie policy debate team of Garret Novak and Jessica Nuñez qualified to the Novice/JV National Championship hosted (virtually) by the State University of New York. At the tournament, they advanced to elimination debates as the number one seed, culminating in a run that ended on a close split decision in the Final Four. Novak and Nuñez picked up victories over the New School, James Madison University, and New York University along the way.

Finally, the policy debate team of Noah Christiansen and Diego Flores qualified to the 75th National Debate Tournament as the second seeded team in the Pacific region. This marks the second consecutive year that CSULB has qualified to the tournament, and Christiansen’s second time qualifying for the tournament. Christiansen and Flores defeated Southwestern College, CSU Fullerton, and UC Berkeley on their path toward qualifying. Both teams (Christiansen/Flores and Novak/Nuñez) also qualified to the Cross-Examination Debate Association National Championship!

Stay tuned for more updates as Beach Forensics catches waves at the upcoming national championships! GO BEACH!

Stop AAPI Hate Resources

National Resources to #StopAAPIHate
Compiled March 17, 2021

1. Report Hate Crimes against Asian Americans (12 languages) (5 languages)
Local and other reporting sites: 

2. Assistance with legal and social services through the Stop Hate hotline:
(Asian Americans Advancing Justice partnered with Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and their Stop Hate project)

3. Know your rights
(1) Legal right to be treated fairly and without discrimination: Federal and State laws and government sites to file a complaint (organized by states) 
(2) Your rights if you are stopped by police, immigration agents, or the FBI in 14 languages (Resource provided by American Civil Liberties Union).

4. Bystander Intervention training (against harassment) 

5. Self-defense and Personal safety training

6. Civic Engagement: Collective justice and shared liberation

7. Culture Surge: an artists and culture makers’ coalition for justice, care and connection. 

8. Other action ideas: Host a panel discussion, lead a community safety audit, create a survey for research, create Mud Stencils, hold a Chalk Walk, create a Guerrilla-Style Video about Street Harassment, organize a Protest or March, initiate legislative advocacy, host workshops, host a film screening, host Fund raising 

9. Donate
Asian Americans Advancing Justice: 
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta:
AAPI Civic Engagement Fund: 
National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum – Georgia:
American Civil Liberties Union 

10. Share resources with others

11. Asian American Discrimination and Substance Abuse
A resource to help individuals better understand how systemic racism is prevalent in substance abuse and addiction recovery. It discusses how outdated policies have created an unfair environment for people of color and proposes potential solutions for the future.

Faculty Publications – March 2021

Faculty Publications – March 2021

Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts actively publish in their respective fields. Their research, scholarly, and creative activities—showcased here—contribute meaningfully to their disciplines and enrich their teaching content and methods. (more…)

Beach Scholarships Available



JANUARY 19 to MARCH 5 AT 11:59 PM