Best Masters Thesis – test

Graduate students may be nominated for the commencement award of Best Master’s Thesis by the College Awards Committee. For further details about the nomination process, please consult the program’s Graduate Advisor. Here are some of the past award winners:

AY 20-21

Andrew Siwabessy (Geography)“Geologic Mapping of Terra Cimmeria, Mars, and Resultant Implications for the Martian Plate Tectonics Hypotheses”

Jacob Moran (Communications Studies) ”100% Slave-Free Chocolate: Authenticity and Interpellation in Consumptive Spaces

AY 19-20
AY 18-19

Nicole Buehlmaier (History), Vanguards and Violence: Representations of Female Armed Resistance and the Search for Radical Legitimacy, 1968-1975

Zara Raheem (English), "The Intersection"

AY 17—18
AY 16—17
AY 15—16
AY 14—15
AY 13—14