FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Africana Studies – April 2022

Nine entries from the Department of Africana Studies. Entries include studies on freedom and speech, on the Sedjemic Person, and on activism and academics in Africana Studies as a field of study. Claybrook, M. Keith. Building the Basics: A Handbook for Pursuing Academic Excellence in Africana Studies, 2nd Edition, Kendall Hunt Press, 2021. (eBook and Print)  —. […]

Faculty Publications: Africana Studies – February 2021

Africana Studies Claybrook, M. Keith. “Building the Basics: A Handbook for the Pursuit of Academic Excellence in Africana Studies, 2nd Edition” published by Kendall Hunt, 2021 https://he.kendallhunt.com/product/building-basics-handbook-pursuing-academic-excellence-africana-studies —. “Putting Some Soul into Critical Thinking: Toward an African Centered Approach to Critical Thinking” in The International Journal of Africana Studies, Vol. 21, Nos, 1-2.