Sneed, Debby. (2023). [Review of the book Marginalised Populations in the Ancient Greek World: The Bioarchaeology of the Other, by Carrie L. Sulosky Weaver.  Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. American Journal […]

Faculty Publications: Classics – March 2023

Hogan, Andrew. “Record of Sales at Auction” In Emily Cole, Andrew Hogan, & Todd Hickey (eds.) “Of exceptional interest and importance”: Papyri Curated by Affiliates of The Center for the […]

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Classics – April 2022

Eleven entries from the Department of Classics. Entries include translated editions of Katia Karadjova-Kozhuharova’s The Friendly Crocodile, a book on the Phoenician Origins of Samaria, a study of disability and […]

Faculty Publications: Classics – September 2021

Classics Chew, Kathryn. 2021. Myth, Mother, Monster: Jeffers’ Medea as a Teaching Text, Jeffers Studies 21, 79-99. —. 2021. Thematic Texts: Ovid, Martial, Tertullian, in The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World, […]