FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Communication Studies – May 2022

Twenty-three entries from the Department of Communication Studies. Entries include studies of classroom strategies, of the American rights of religious freedom and equal protection, of persuasion research, and of positive communication in leadership. Bolkan, San (2022). Strategic, applied negotiation. Little Bull. Bolkan, San, Goodboy, A. K., Shin, M., & Chiasson, R. (in press). Teacher antagonism: Reducing students’ […]

Faculty Publications: Communication Studies – November 2021

Communications Studies Sixteen entries from the Department of Communication Studies. Scholarship includes studies of debate, internet culture, constitutional U.S. rights, gaming, health care, and leadership skills. Asenas, Jennifer J., and Kevin A. Johnson. Book Review of Lincoln A. Mitchell. The Giants and Their City: Major League Baseball in San Francisco, 1976-1992. Kent, OH: Kent State University […]