FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Economics – May 2022

Six entries from the Department of Economics. Entries include studies of the function of retailers and of financial and economic issues of China. Yutian Chen, Hui Xiong and Ying-Ju Chen, Should Traditional Retailers Function as Pre-warehouses of Online Retailers? International Journal of Production Research, 59, 2021. Chiang, Tsun-Feng, Jack Hou and Pi-Han Tsai, 2022. “Fiscal […]

Faculty Publications: Economics – Winter Break 2021-2022

Economics Seven entries from the department of Economics. The entries include economic studies of China and Russia. Hou, Jack. “COVID-19 impact on Chinese Firm investment—Evidence from China,” Journal of Asian Economics, 75(4):101320, August 2021. DOI: 10.1016/j.asieco.2021.101320.  Joint with Jie Jiang (Sichuan University), Cangyu Wang (Sichuan University), and Haiyue Liu (Sichuan University). SSCI journal.  —. “Does […]

Faculty Publications: Economics – March 2021

Economics Yutian Chen and Ying-Ju Chen, Strategic Partial Outsourcing in the Presence of Single-source Components, Journal of Economics, 131, 237–265, 2020. Hou, Jack. “Monetary and Financial Cooperation between China and the One Belt One Road Countries,”  Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 55(11): 2609-2627. DOI: 10.1080/1540496X.2018.1540976, 2019.  Joint with Jin Sun (Central University of Finance and Economics). SSCI […]