Eriksen, S. J., Valdivia, R. L. Howard, & Chib, S. (2024). Policy whiplash: How California Title IX coordinators navigated local, state, and federal policy changes during the Trump administration. Analyses […]

Faculty Publications: Human Development – May 2023

Eriksen, S. J., & Katz, J. (2023). Credit where it is due: Gender violence prevention education as a leadership issue. In S. Tan & L. DeFrank-Cole (Eds.), A research agenda […]

FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Human Development – May 2022

Twelve entries from the Department of Human Development. Entries include studies on gender violence prevention, on issues of age, family, and literacy in China, on data collection methods, and on […]

Faculty Publications: Human Development – October/November 2020

Human Development Garcia, M.A., Ortiz, K., Arévalo, S.P., Briceño, E. Diminich, E.D., Tarraf, W., Vega, I.E. (2020). Age of Migration and Cognitive Functioning among Older Latinos in the United States. […]