Noah Resto: Technical Writer, Guess His Major?

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Noah Resto

Major: English

Degree(s): BA, class of 2013

Certificates: Technical and Professional Communications

Noah Resto developed a passion for English as a kinesiology undergrad all due to a chance internship opportunity, which he decided to do on a whim. The internship position that spurred the change was for a company called “Idea and Design Works Publishing” located in San Diego, CA. The experience inspired him to re-think his current academic plan and switch lanes to become an English Major in the spring semester of his first year.

Resto’s duties as an editorial intern for junior and senior editors/writers at the company included researching, marketing, and learning about different types of artwork related to their clients. He attributes this amazing internship experience with opening his eyes to a new possible career path as a technical writer. With the encouragement of the department director, he applied for CSULB’s technical and professional communications program and says that it’s the best thing he could have ever done for himself career-wise.

Resto is a huge advocate of the certificate program, stating that he could never have attained the technical skills required for his current position without having gone through the rigorous courses offered at CSULB. The technical program, which is open to any major, allows interested students with a knack for writing to be able to hone their skills and build the necessary expertise to excel in this little-known, but fast-growing field. The two-year program teaches students how to properly communicate in the niche world of technical writing; the proper ways to research information to be translated into a document; and how to write in a clear and concise and manner so that complicated technical jargon can be easily understood by the public.

Resto graduated in the Fall of 2013 confident about his skills and also his career-path because of his time spent doing multiple internships as an undergrad. The experiences he gained were invaluable in him recognizing that this was what he truly wanted to do for the rest of his life. His current position as of July 2014 at Multiquip involves him upgrading and creating user manuals specifically for construction equipment, power generation, and lighting for different vendors. Resto’s goal is to continue to grow with his current company and hone his craft to stay ahead of the technical writing curve.

Professional Road Map:

Position: Editorial Intern, May 2011-August 2011. IDW Publishing. His duties included being a support role to junior and senior editors and writers, researching, marketing and working in the shipping department.

Position: Technical Writer, Sept. 2012-Nov. 2013. Applied and accepted to a technical writing position with CSULB’s division of Student Services in the IT department. His duties included modifying documents for IT staff, faculty, and students.

Position: Copywriter, Nov. 2013- June 2014. Smart Home. His duties included writing detailed SEO friendly web pages and new products in the home automation industry.

Position: Technical Writer, July 2014-Current. Multiquip. His duties include upgrading and creating user manuals, specifically for construction equipment, power generation, and lighting.

Maria Pulido: Bell Gardens City Council Member. Guess Her Major?

Major: Human Development

Degree: BA, class of 2012, minor in Criminal Justice. 

Image of Maria Pulido

Maria Pulido

Maria Pulido’s CSULB journey began as an incoming Freshman and Marine Biology Major. But like a fish out of water, she knew that it wasn’t the right fit for her career aspirations. Not one to flounder for long, Pulido eventually found her way as a Human Development Major and discovered that it was her life’s passion to help people. As an undergraduate student, she interned at Briarcrest Nursing Center in Bell Gardens and eventually became the activities department assistant. Following the tragic death of former Mayor Daniel Crespo, Pulido was presented the opportunity to step into a new role.

Pulido applied for the position just like everyone else, but believes that she was chosen because she went the extra mile to prove that she was the right candidate. Like other applicants, she advocated for herself and wrote letters of interest to each of the current council members. What differentiated her from the crowd, however, was that she requested to meet the council members before the decision was made. During this meeting they spoke about what she could offer if chosen for the position. This extra step was not required of applicants, but it paid off for Pulido in the end. The city decided to forgo a special election and appointed 24-year-old Pulido on November 24th, 2014 as one of the youngest persons ever to hold a council seat in the city of Bell Gardens.

As a City Council Member, Pulido’s priorities include collaborating with her City Council colleagues to find common ground and solutions to the many challenges that face their community. Her focus is on continuing to provide essential services like public safety and working with community groups like Neighborhood Watch to maintain Bell Garden’s current low crime rate. Other goals of Pulido’s include maintaining the city’s parks and recreation programs, the local public transportation system, and the ongoing effort to attract affordable housing projects. Pulido will serve as a council member for 3 years, in which she hopes to bring about much positive change for the city and its residents. While the foreseeable future is one full of politics for Pulido, she plans to return to CSULB in 2015 to earn her Masters in Social Work.

Mike Phu: Mental Health Assistant. Guess His major?

Major: Human Development

Degree: BA, class of 2013, minor in Theater Arts. 

Image of Mike Phu

Mike Phu

Mike Phu is living proof that following your dreams is the only way to go. Phu’s CSULB journey began in 2008 as biochemistry student whose family dreamed that he would become a doctor one day. But it was their dream, not his. After three years of increasingly becoming disillusioned with his major, Phu decided to make a much-needed change. He spent some time thinking about his next move. While he was great at science and math, it wasn’t his passion. Inspiration struck and he decided to switch his major to Human Development in hopes of becoming a counselor. The change was a struggle for him at first. He’d come from an almost completely analytical background and now he was doing lots of reading and writing as a College of Liberal Arts student. Phu powered through and by the end of the first semester he found his stride within the discipline. His first opportunity knocked in the form of an internship on campus at Disabled Student Services. He faced a number of challenges at the beginning, as he was new to the field of mental disabilities. The training was extensive but worth it in the end. After his graduation the director of DDS and his supervisor gave him good news—he was hired! Phu currently works on campus as an Autism Services Assistant for the Disabled Student Services and is excelling in the position. His goal is to be a constant in students’ lives that may need him. He’s adamant about meeting with students once a week in order to establish a clear channel of communication. Off campus, Phu also works as a Behavioral therapist with children on the autism spectrum at a clinic in Anaheim. He envisions being able to partner with psychiatrists and open up his own counseling office one day. Phu looks forward to the moment when the students he’s helped have graduated and moved on to follow their dreams.

Michael Lozano: Beat Reporter at VoiceWaves.Org. Guess his Major?

Major: Sociology

Degree(s): BA, class of 2011, minor in Journalism with a Peace Studies Certificate

Image of Michael Lozano

Michael Lozano

Michael Lozano developed a passion for social justice through Dr. Nielan Barnes, who explained complex social issues in a logical and compelling way and exposed him to macro social concerns. His goal is to accomplish the same for others through journalism articles on topics ranging from education to immigration. In his current position as a beat reporter at VoiceWaves, Michael accomplishes his goal through articles and videos, while focusing on social subjects and concerns like immigration, undocumented immigrants, education, post-traumatic stress disorder, healthcare, and trauma. Prior to this opportunity, Michael spent six months as a research intern for the Orange County Child Support Services, which gave him the experience and initiative to begin his own radio show, Biographic Voices. Michael had the amazing opportunity to present one of his VoiceWave videos at the Latino Film Festival. Michael shared that, “I feel incredibly blessed to write stories about real people in a diverse city, giving a voice to those who have yet to find theirs”.

To see some of Michael’s pieces on VoiceWave, click here:

Michael’s Professional Road Map:

  • Beat Reporter at VoiceWaves
  • Intern at VoiceWaves
  • Founder of Biographic Voices radio show
  • Research Intern at Orange County Child Support Services

Elsa Ramos: Multi-Service Center Coordinator for the City of Long Beach. Guess her Major?

Sociology Major

Major: Sociology

Degree(s): BA, California State University, Long Beach, class of 2000

Image of Elsa Ramos

Elsa Ramos

Elsa Ramos has always wanted to help people with macro level issues pertaining to psychology. In order to explore the possibilities while at CSULB, she took an internship in the Department of Public Health, where she worked outreach and gained a broader perspective with her education. In her current position at the City of Long Beach, Elsa coordinates multiple services to end homelessness, including program operations, on site non-profits and scheduling services in order to end homelessness with veterans and civilians. From her 7 years at the City of Long Beach, she helped raise the success rate of those entering the program. As a professional, she said she was, “proud to be a part of that process”. Her degree in Sociology allowed her to apply her knowledge of the different social systems, system impacts, labeling theory, and limited access to city and government programs to a fulfilling career addressing the broken social systems.

Elsa’s Professional Road Map:

  • Multi-Service Center Coordinator- City of Long Beach
  • Service Coordinator- Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center
  • Outreach Service-The Department of Public Health

Sharla Blank: Senior Associate for the National Sales Systems for Hyundai Motor America, Guess Her Major?

Major: English, Rhetoric and Composition

Certificate(s): Technical and Professional Communication, Web Design (HTML and Java Script)

Degree(s): BA, California State University, Long Beach, class of 2012

Image of Sharla Blank

Sharla Blank
English, Rhetoric, and Composition Major

Sharla took a love of English and Rhetoric and transformed it into a technical skill. She fondly calls herself a “Computer Nerd” and claims to give the term a new meaning within technical writing. While enrolled at CSULB, Sharla discovered her passion for technical communication through Professor Jennifer Smith, who inspired her to explore and understand the areas of technical writing and technology’s influence on business communication. From her time at CSULB, she was able to gain extensive knowledge in her field, including leadership, working in a group, and effective rhetoric and communication, all of which helped her in customer relations at Hyundai. She developed unique skills throughout her career at Hyundai, including database management, project management, user analytics, problem and decision analysis, security maintenance, risk management, and system usability management.

Sharla’s Professional Road Map:

  • Senior Associate for the National Sales Systems for Hyundai Motor America
  • Technical Writing Intern at Working Wardrobes, a non-profit organization

Geoffrey Kutnik: Founder and Content Director for Rudeluv Designs. Guess his major?

Major: Journalism and Mass Communication with a Public Relations emphasis.

Degree(s): BA , California State University, Long Beach class of 2009

Image of Geoff Kutnik

Geoffrey Kutnik
Journalism and Mass Communication Major

Geoffrey Kutnick has always had an interest in marketing and public relations. He came to CSULB to gain the necessary knowledge needed for his innovative mind. After gaining some experience in the field, Geoffrey launched two web-based companies: FoodBeast and RudeLuv Designs. Both were created by combining his academic/career interests with personal passions. In order to form FoodBeast, Geoffrey partnered with businesses to create buzz about their products. He partnered with companies like Jack in the Box and Taco Bell to continuously promote new menu items. Geoffrey shared that his experience at CSULB gave him the necessary tools and skills to create his two companies. He also highly recommends taking advantage of internships and new opportunities.


Geoffrey’s Professional Road Map:

  • Founder and Project Manager for Rudeluv Designs
  • Founder and Content Director for
  • New Media Specialist for the Kreisher Group
  • Public Relations and Marketing Consultant for Smooth’s Bar and Grill
  • Public Relations Consultant for Smolar Corp.
  • Communications and Publicity Assistant for the Inland Empire Jazz Festival
  • Public Relations Intern for Brower, Miller, & Cole.
  • Interviewer and Columnist for Shut Up! Magazine

Ashley Tarkington: Wardrobe Stylist for NBC's Access Hollywood. Guess Her Major?

Journalism and Mass Communication Major

Degree(s): BA, California State University, Long Beach class of 2007

Image of Ashley Tarkington

Ashley Tarkington
Journalism and Mass Communications Major

Ashley showed a knack for fashion at a young age. As a child, she purposely failed an eye exam so she could wear purple butterfly glasses as a style statement.  She originally gravitated toward weather reporting as a potential career; however, while at CSULB and living close to Los Angeles, Ashley discovered her love of celebrity news as a form of reporting, as a way to combine both interests. She landed a spot as a Publicity Intern for NBC’s Access Hollywood, which allowed her to became familiar with the company and establish connections. After graduation, Ashley created her own fashion blog, Ash ‘n’ Fashn, which includes daily style tips and fashion choices.  She then joined the team at Celebuzz, a celebrity news website. While working there, she was able to attend award shows, book celebrities and guests, which took her back to her first love of fashion at NBC as a wardrobe stylist. Her networking abilities helped her throughout her career and with her dream job for Access Hollywood.


Ashley’s Professional Road Map:

  • Wardrobe Stylist for Access Hollywood at NBC Universal
  • News Producer for Celebuzz website
  • Creator of Ash ‘n’ Fashn, fashion blog
  • Publicity Intern for Access Hollywood at NBC Universal

Guergana Anguelova: Consultant at PWC Advisory. Guess Her Major?


Guergana Anguelova
International Studies and Human Resource Management Major

International Studies and Human Resource Management Major

Major: International Studies and Human Resource Management
Degree(s): MBA in Finance, Webster University in Austria and Thailand, class of 2011; BA in International Studies and Human Resource Management, California State University – Long Beach, class of 2008.

With an interest in international relations and business management, Guergana has established a career in which she has been able to combine her passions. As an International Studies major at CSULB, Guergana’s educational path focused on contemporary foreign politics and geopolitical determinants. During her time at CSULB, Guergana participated in several Honor Societies that focused on International Business and Relations. Upon graduation, Guergana worked as a Research Assistant for a Worlds of Journalism Project in Bulgaria and then as an intern for the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After building on her experience post-graduation, Guergana decided to obtain a higher education by pursuing an MBA in Finance at Webster University. Guergana spent two years in the MBA program, earning her degree on Webster University campuses in Austria and Thailand. Upon earning her MBA, Guergana remained at Webster University briefly as a Global Program Coordinator until she obtained her current position as a Consultant for PriceWaterHouseCoopers in Vienna, Austria.

Guergana’s Professional Road Map:

  • Consultant, PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PWC)
  • Global Program Coordinator (GPC), Webster University
  • Intern – International Private Banking, Bank Gutmann
  • Science Instructor, Knowledge Learning Corporation
  • Intern – Department Americas, Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Research Assistant, Worlds of Journalism International Project
  • Informational Student Assistant – ESL Specialist, California State University – Long Beach


Dina Alhayek: Acquisitions Analyst/Liaison for Anchor Loans. Guess Her Major?


Dina Alhayek
International Studies and Political Science Major

International Studies and Political Science Major

Major: International Studies and Political Science
Minor: Middle Eastern Studies
Certificate(s): QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Certificate Program; Conflict Resolution CSULB OMBUDS Certificate Program
Degree(s): BA, California State University, Long Beach, class of 2011

Passionate about humanitarian outreach for Arab Americans and particularly Arab American women, Dina has made sure that her drive to positively impact these groups touches every facet of her personal and professional life. With an educational emphasis in the Middle East, North Africa, and International Relations, Dina has worked diligently as a volunteer for a Woman’s Center in Amman, Jordan as an English Instructor and as an Arabic Case Worker at an International Rescue Committee, and she is involved in human rights organizations such as the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee and the Network of Arab American Professionals Orange County (NAAPOC). Upon graduation, Dina worked as a Community Relations Intern for the Network of Arab American Professionals. Following this position, Dina worked at CSULB for several years as Secretary General for the Model United Nations and as Chief Justice of the ASI Judiciary. Dina currently works in three different positions, blending her interests in business and human rights development. In addition to her position as Acquisitions Analyst/Liaison for Anchor Loans, Dina also works as a Woman’s Initiative Co-Chair for the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee in Orange County and as the Co-Founder and Project Manager for the Help4Refuees organization.

Dina’s Professional Road Map:

  • Women’s Initiative Co-Chair, Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee
  • Acquisitions Analyst/Liaison, Anchor Loans
  • Co-Founder/Project Manager, Help4Refuees
  • Assistant Case Worker, International Rescue Committee
  • Intern, UNRWA
  • Marketing and Public Relations, Assura Public Relations
  • Chief Justice of the ASI Judiciary, California State University – Long Beach
  • Secretary General – Model United Nations, California State University – Long Beach
  • Community Relations Intern, Network of Arab American Professionals