Layout of CHAAT

Layout of CHAAT

CHAAT occupies a suite of four rooms (approximately 1200 square feet of laboratory space) in the Psychology Building at California State University Long Beach. All rooms are carpeted and have sound absorption panels on the ceilings and walls to reduce noise levels. If necessary, room dividers can provide additional isolation of voice communications. One dividing wall is a large, one-way mirror for unobtrusive observation of simulation activities. CHAAT uses a bunch of networked computers to run simulations. Each computer has its own unique AAV number. The air traffic controller (ATC) room and psuedopilot room contains multiple computers and resources.


CHAAT has state of the art computer workstations and simulation software. CHAAT has approximately 20 workstations with superior graphics capabilities for running simulations of air traffic control workstations, air vehicle cockpits and ROV payload stations. NASA Ames Research Center donated software that enables real time simulations and evaluations of these components of the national airspace system.

  • Multi Aircraft Control System (MACS) and Aeronautical Datalink and Radar Simulator (ADRS)

MACS and ADRS were donated by the NASA Ames Airspace Operations Lab (AOL). These products enable real-time, human-in-the-loop simulations of current and future flight deck and ground control systems over the internet

  • Cockpit Situation Display (CSD)

The Flight Deck Display Research Lab (FDDRL) CSD is a three dimensional advanced cockpit display of traffic information. This tool simulates many of the flight deck tools for NextGen: Conflict Detection and Resolution (CD&R), Route Assessment, Required-Time-of-Arrival, and Spacing. CSD also has a 3d Terrain Display and 2D/3D Weather Displays.

  • Multiple UAV Simulation (MUSIM)

USIM is a simulation of the air vehicle and payload operator workstations for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), donated by the U.S. Army AM REDEC.

  • Air Traffic Scenarios Test (ATST) and CTEAM

The ATST is a simple simulation of the ATC task used for training as a result of an agreement with the FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute Training and Organizational Research Lab.