About CUDA

Established in the Fall of 1996, CUDA is a usability lab testing facility that also serves as a practicum and basic research site for the Human Factors graduate program at CSULB.

CUDA believes that usability and accessibility testing should begin early and continue throughout the product development lifecycle because testing can save both time and money, as an essential part of Quality Control and Continuous Process Improvement.

CUDA’s goals include promoting the development of high quality, usable, and accessible products, uncover and explain problems found in usability evaluations, and provide recommendations for improving the usability and accessibility of evaluated products.

CUDA’s Mission

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  1. To evaluate the usability and accessibility of technology products and services to improve users’ performance and satisfaction and reduce the investment risks in the design and adoption of innovations for education, government agencies, and industries.
  2. Support the design, development, and use of instructional and productivity technology products and tools in education, industry, and government.
  3. Develop empirically based standards and procedures for evaluating usability and accessibility in both software product development and use
  4. Train others in the “user-centered” approach to interface and instructional design, usability, accessibility teaching methods, and human factors project management.


CUDA offers services including accessibility evaluations, usability evaluations, and workshops, seminars, and presentations. You can learn more about how CUDA can help your business by clicking on the Services link or by submitting an inquiry (link opens email application).


CUDA’s evaluation services have been used by:

  • Educational institutions, such as the CSU Office of the Chancellor, Colleges and Universities in the CSU System, and the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) at Sonoma State
  • Government Agencies, such as National and Local Veterans Administrations
  • Private industry including companies such as the Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc., Southern California Edison, Honda, and First American Real Estate.


CUDA Management Team

CUDA Graduate Students

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