Our Services

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CUDA can help you fulfill your usability and accessibility needs, from evaluating your product for compliance with accessibility requirements, to creating your presentation and course materials. To learn more about what CUDA can do for you, email us at cuda@csulb.edu.

CUDA offers the following services:

Usability evaluation services conducting User Needs Assessments, Walkthrough and Heuristics Evaluations, and User Testing.

  • User Needs Assessments – User needs assessments are used to determine the scope, significance, and other factors of users’ needs.
  • Walkthrough and Heuristics Evaluations – Evaluators review a user interface using empirically-derived usability heuristics as they walk through the product or site interface.
  • User Testing – Users are recorded as they attempt to complete tasks and results are used to generate potential solutions to problems

Accessibility evaluation services – Evaluating web accessibility using semi-automated tools and manual assessment by experienced reviewers

Workshops, seminars, and presentations – Creating usable and accessible presentation tools 

Training in usability evaluations – Conducting and using the evaluations

Information about usability and accessibility – Including information on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance guidelines

Current Projects and Past Publications – Including usability testing on SkillsCommons, accessibility evaluations of Cool4Ed eTextbooks, EPUB Innovations Content design, and various research publications.


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