Global Learning Toolkit


Global Learning Outcomes and Assessment Toolkit


Nearly all professional associations have a “global” or “international” component and, in turn, departments and programs are often looking to integrate those major-specific global learning outcomes into their majors or looking to do so in a way that has a more robust impact on their students.  The Global Studies Institute’s Global Learning Inventory is a tool that can help department leaders figure out how, where, and the scope of global learning in their curriculum.  But, what then?  

The Global Learning Outcomes and Assessment Toolkit is intended to be a resource to assist departments in crafting major-specific global learning outcomes that can be assessed integratively with discipline-specific learning outcomes as well as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Assessment of Global Learning for CSULB students extends far beyond quantitative measures.  Often, global learning is measured in terms of the number of students who studied abroad, the number of global or international degrees or courses offered, or general education requirements fulfilled with a designated global or international theme.  However, global learning can occur in almost any class by broadening student learning outcomes or course objectives to encompass global themes.

Whether you are just getting started with outcomes assessment, or you are looking for tools to enhance your existing plans, this site has information to help meet your needs.