Our Services

Our Services

We are a full-service center offering professional support and communication skills resources to students, staff, community residents and business leaders.

For our students and staff:

  • Individualized training (and rehearsal) in delivering presentations for class assignments and extracurricular events
    • Informative speeches
    • Persuasive speeches
    • Pitches
    • Incorporating visual aids
    • Group presentations
  • Using Power Point and other presentational software
  • Reducing your fears about communicating with others
  • Articulation and pronunciation skills

For community residents, businesses and organizations:

  • Delivering public speeches
    • Informative speeches and briefings
    • Persuasive and motivational speeches
    • Pitches
    • Public speeches for special occasions
      • Award speeches (giving or accepting an award)
      • Tributes
      • Dedications
      • Eulogies
      • Introduction
      • Nominating speeches
      • Welcome or Farewell speeches
      • Toasts
  • Using Power Point and other presentational software