Center For Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Center For Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The CSULB Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies seeks to advance the interdisciplinary study of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance by offering an environment for academic exchange. The Center’s events are open to scholars at CSULB and beyond, students of any discipline, and to interested individuals from outside the university.

The CMRS sponsors a regular lecture series featuring speakers from on and off campus, including our recent roundtable: Race, Nationalism, and Fantasies of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. 

We organize special seminars or workshops and regularly host the CSU Shakespeare Symposium. The Center also offers courses on a wide range of medieval and Renaissance issues, supports faculty research, and is associated with most of the local and national societies relevant to research in these fields, while sponsoring panels at the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo and at meetings of the Renaissance Society of America.

The CMRS has established interdisciplinary programs that offer students interested in these periods the opportunity to pursue a course of study leading to a Minor or a Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Courses that are used to meet the certificate requirements may be counted, where applicable, toward the General Education requirements, the major, and minor requirements.

Interested students may request information from the Directors of the Center, located in the Macintosh Humanities Building 506, or may turn to members of the supporting faculty for further information. Check the relevant links for further information.

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
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