Chicano and Latino Studies Hosts Film Screening: Harvest of Empire

October 8, 2013


Come experience the Chicano and Latino Studies’ (CHLS) first screening of Harvest of Empire at CSULB!

Based on the award winning journalist, Juan Gonzalez, Harvest of Empire exposes the direct connection between the long history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and the immigration crisis we face today.

The panelists that will present at the screening will include: Amy Cabrera Rasmussen (Political Science), Victor Rodriguez (Department of Chicano and Latino Studies), and Joanna Concepcion (Filipino Migrant Center).

Directed by Eduardo Lopez and produced by Linea Directa, Harvest of Empire has several rave reviews including:

  • Rachel Saltz, New York Times – “Harvest of Empire has a journalistic pedigree and a punch that comes from political advocacy…The filmmakers retain a touching faith that most Americans won’t tolerate injustice when they know about it. This film is meant to teach them.”
  • Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News – “Four Stars! In an era of anti-immigrant fervor, this sobering and much-needed look at Latino migration is built on an undeniably optimistic premise: that once Americans have accurate facts, ‘they rarely allow injustices to stand.'”
  • Stephanie Merry, Washington Post – “Pick of the Week! Raises a very important moral question, and one that rarely enters the immigration debate: If America is responsible for destabilizing a country, what is our role when the country’s citizens suffer as a result?”
  • Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter – “With the immigration debate currently consuming much of the current political climate, there’s no better time for the release of Harvest of Empire.”
  • Kerry Lengel, The Arizona Republic – “As a social history of Latinos in America, it is provocative and fascinating”

The screening will be held in the University Theater and PH1 -141. Space is limited, so RSVP by calling  562.985.4644