CHLS: Speaker, Alfredo Gutierrez

September 15, 2010

Alfredo Gutierrez is a leader of the immigration reform movement in Arizona. Dr. Douglas X. Patino, Vice Chancellor Emeritus for the California State University System, described him “…(as) the Intellectual Leader of the Immigration Reform Movement in Arizona-Ground Zero and the Arizona experience around Arizona’s SB 1070.  I have known Alfredo since 1983 and (he) has an unquestionable dedication to Latinos , immigrants, low income families which he has championed all his life.”   As a University student, Gutierrez took over an Arizona State University office was expelled. Years later, ASU honored him with an honorary doctorate. Gutierrez spoke recently to the Marguerite Casey Foundation and captured the minds of the board members and staff. He is articulate, brilliant and can be appealing to any social/intellectual/income strata level. Most of all he has had an unquestionable  caring and  dedication to Latinos and all considered to be “low-income”.