January 1, 2022

In light of the recent protests and statements in support of Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist organizing efforts, the College of Liberal Arts is highlighting how its courses incorporate issues related to Black Lives Matter. See the descriptions below detailing how CLA faculty advance the anti-racist messaging of Black Lives Matter through assignments, readings, and pedagogical practices that affirm the lives, history, and culture of Black people across the globe. Descriptions fall into one of three categories—Long-Standing Practices, Recent Changes, and Future Plans—designed to demonstrate the ongoing nature of anti-racist efforts:

Instructor: Amy Wax
Course: PSY 381: Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Long-Standing Practice: In PSY 381, one of the topics that is emphasized is workplace diversity. This includes discussing racial stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination in the workplace, as well as the beneficial impact of diversity on workplace outcomes.