CLA Student Spotlight: Ashley Guerrero, Fulbright Research Award Finalist

February 21, 2022

Ashley Guerrero

Major: Geography, MA

Location of Graduate Studies: Fulbright Research Award, France

What does it mean to you to be a Fulbright Finalist?

I’m humbled that I have reached this stage in the process. To me, being a Fulbright Finalist means I have the opportunity to be a cultural ambassador to France. Having previously lived in France as an English teaching assistant, my experience in Paris changed the trajectory of my research. It also means that I am one step closer to getting my master’s thesis research funded. I feel honored to have been chosen as a finalist.

How has CSULB helped you on your educational journey?

The CSULB community has played an integral part in my educational journey because it provided me with various avenues of support. Without the support from the CSULB community, I would not have developed academically to apply for the Fulbright Research Award. Firstly, my professors and mentors in the geography department have been fundamental in my academic development. Dr. Gary Hytrek helped me develop my research proposal for the application; Dr. Christine Jocoy taught me the importance of having diverse research methods knowledge; and Dr. Lily House-Peters encouraged me to take a chance and apply for the Fulbright Research Award. Secondly, as a University Writing Center peer-tutor, the UWC helped hone my writing skills to prepare for the rigorous application process. Dr. Tina Matuchniak and Christine Tsai Taing at the UWC were extremely flexible with my work schedule during the application process, and for that I’m extremely grateful. Lastly, the support from my friends at CSULB also helped my academic development. Dani Zacky, Mina Nada (my go to cartographer), and Andrea Cano all have been pillars of support and positivity. Although my time at CSULB is limited, I know I will have my CSULB community support wherever I end up on my educational journey.

What are your graduate studies and career goals?

After completing my geography M.A., I plan to continue my graduate studies at a Ph.D. program. I hope to eventually become a university professor and publish research.