College Expands Learning Community Efforts

June 29, 2010
Learning Alliance Students

CSULB Students

With student success at the forefront of its mission, the College of Liberal Arts is transforming its students’ first-year experience through the development of innovative, college-based learning communities.  Research shows that GPAs are higher for students who are involved in learning communities where they are encouraged to form relationships with faculty, advisors, and peers who are committed to their academic and overall success.  Beginning this fall, the Learning Alliance, CLA’s premiere academic program for eighteen years, is overseeing this process of rejuvenating the freshman experience by expanding its expertise and support to include all incoming freshmen majoring in the College.

To enroll in one of CLA’s unique learning communities, all CLA freshmen will select from an assortment of hand-crafted course packages.  Each course package is comprised of a variety of linked smaller seminar- and larger lecture-style classes that meet important general education, major, and elective requirements.  Not only will students benefit from collaboration with dedicated faculty, they will also have the opportunity to form study groups, build friendships, and make a lasting connection with the university through their involvement in their chosen learning community.  In addition, students will receive their first year of academic advising under the direction of qualified, experienced advisors in the Learning Alliance.

The College of Liberal Arts and the Learning Alliance look forward to these exciting changes that will enhance opportunities for student participation and achievement beginning this fall.