CSULB's Journalism Program Ranks #4 Nationally

February 19, 2015

DIGITAL NEWS LOGOCSULB’s journalism program was ranked No. 4 nationally by Journalism Degree

According to Journalism Degree, “The Fall of 2011 saw new course requirements for journalism students at CSU Long Beach. Some required courses for students earning a journalism degree include: “Writing Across the Media,” and “Introduction to Online Media.” CSU Long Beach also offers a number of additional course options for those who wish to specialize in “online journalism and new media”, as well as “media design”.”

While a degree in journalism has been seen as “obsolete” for several years now, the article stresses the importance of journalistic skills at time when everyone can reach a mass audience. “If we redefine journalism as ‘the profession or practice that collects, produces and distributes information,’ then a whole new world awaits journalism majors – imagine the huge demands for such a profession, especially in this digital day and world,” stated Dr. Mu Lin (in his blog, ‘Why there has never been a better time to be a journalism major,’ January 14, 2014).

(Source: Provost Weekly)