Student Learning Outcomes

Asian and Asian American Studies Department Learning Outcomes

Department of Asian and Asian American Studies

The Department of Asian and Asian American Studies has the following learning objectives for all of its programs:

Department Learning Objectives

  1. Global Awareness РBy learning Asian Languages, students develop respect and openness to those whose culture, religion, and views on the world may be different.  Asian language students are able to interact with people of Asian heritage in order to discuss issues and reach solutions.
  2. Collaboration РStudents as collaborators learn from and work cooperatively across cultures with global team members, sharing responsibility and making necessary compromises while working toward a common goal.
  3. Critical Thinking Skills and Problem Solving – Students as inquirers frame, analyze, and synthesize information as a well as negotiate meaning across languages and cultures in order to explore problems and issues from their own and different perspectives.
  4. Communication – Students will be well prepared with communication skills to successfully join the workforce of California and the world or to pursue advanced study.
  5. Technology Literacy – Students as productive global citizens use appropriate technologies when interpreting messages, interacting with others, and to present information, concepts and ideas.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) across programs in AAAS

By the end of an AAAS BA program, a student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate at least an intermediate-low level of competency (in Chinese or Japanese language if they majored in Chinese Studies or Japanese (see 2012 ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines).
  2. Demonstrate competency in English composition skills, oral communication, and presentation skills;
  3. Demonstrate competency in information literacy and collaborative problem solving through research activities;
  4. Demonstrate competency in information literacy, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking by demonstrating an understanding of global connections, their changing history and significance through data analysis and research;
  5. Demonstrate competency in diversity and civic responsibility through the ability to consistently use cultural world-view frameworks without stereotypes.

SLOS 2-5 are introduced in AAAS 100, reinforced in AST 306, 307, 309, 310, 320 and ASAM 340, and refined in the senior capstone course AAAS 492, ensuring disciplinary competency for all AAAS graduates.

SLO 1 (disciplinary competency in Asian languages) is established through the language courses in Japanese and Chinese through the 300 level.