I Appreciate and Respect You

kaqʰinalin k’e ksukuwin

kaqʰinalin k’e ksukuwin

Translation:  I appreciate and respect you in the Šmuwič Chumash Language

Translated by AIS faculty member, Judge Deborah Sanchez, this video is one of many videos translating the sentiment,  I appreciate and respect you, into the languages that are spoken by members of the CSULB community.  Signs are placed on campus with a QR code that you can scan with your phone linking you to videos where you can learn more about each language. “I appreciate and respect you” is the first collaborative effort of the Puvungna Arts Empathy Production Project. 

The Idea: I Appreciate and Respect You

The purpose of the project is to reaffirm our appreciation and respect for all languages spoken at CSULB with a Linguistic Landscaping project in virtual and real public space.   The project is the first project of the Puvungna Arts Empathy Production Project.

One goal is to learn more about our own diversity on campus and to stimulate empathy for others in the process by learning about the importance of these languages to the members of the Cal State Long Beach Community.  The project also functions as an oblique form of advertisement for the academic departments and programs where many languages and cultures are respected and valued. It is also intended to help to introduce and to proliferate more sentiments of appreciation and respect across the virtual and physical campus.

If you or your department would like to participate in this project contact Art.Neri@csulb.edu for more information.