Anthropology Alumni

We would like to set up a social networking opportunity through our website, connecting our current students to our alumni. If you would like to participate, please send your information to the anthropology department via Gabriele Anton. We need: your name, graduation year, focus in anthropology (if you have/had one), your current position, and your contact information (phone number, work address, email contact).  


Graduate Alumni


Saira Z. Naqvi

Thesis Title: Around the World in 15 Bites: Applied Perspectives on Learning About Food

Joseph Bolinger

Thesis Title: Saliendo Adelante: Guatemalan Transnational Migrants in LA.

Kristen Althizer

Meet Your Maker: The Women Who Create Etsy

Willain Lucas

Thesis Title:

Jennifer McElhoes

Thesis Title:



Sambath Phan

Thesis Title: Archaeology of (Missing) Knowledge

Inuuteq H. Stotts

Thesis Title: Going Local First: An Ethnographic Study on a North slope Alaska Community’s Perceptions of Development Meetings

Danielle C. Castillo

Thesis Title: The People of Suriname: Identity Construction and Negotiation

Carrie-Anne Christian

Thesis Title: Negotiating Boundaries: The Experience of the Gay Male Alcoholics Anonymous Member

Ambyr Hardy

Thesis Title: Building an Urban Village: An Ethnographic Study of Mothers in the “Family Cooperative”

Melissa J. Begey

Thesis Title: Green Style: Discourses of Sustainability Among Fashion Industry

Alexandra Bellenger

Thesis Title: I am not for sale: An applied Anthropological approach to human trafficking prevention.

Violet Paley

Thesis Title: Integrative and Holistic Therapies for Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones

Jacob S. Schreiber

Thesis Title: Discursive Constructions of Decline: Narrative of Illness and Financial Stress Among Residents in Assisted Living

Katherine Sue Nutter

Thesis Title: Defining Success in Low-Income Housing: Why does it Matter?



Gwendolyn Krause

Thesis Title: Clinical Trials: A Qualitative Analysis of the Experiences and Perceptions of Research Participants



Chloe Blalock-Wiker

Thesis Title: Over the Counter Care: Service Provider Perspectives on the Application of Harm Reduction in a Syringe Exchange Program

Salvadore Boites-Zaragoza

Thesis Title: The Application of Aztec Ritual and Performance Dance: Mesoamerican Identities in Motion

Andrea Fini

Thesis Title: Italian Evangelicals: Stemming the Tide of Secularism

Tiamoyo Tosheleza Karenga

Thesis Title: The Office of the Divine Wife of Amen in the 25th and 26th Dynasties: A Study of Women and Power in Ancient Egypt

Tabitha Komathy

Thesis Title: Sexual Behavior and HIV Knowledge among Adolescents in Ecuador

Tully Mackay-Tisbert

Thesis Title: Continuities of violence and vulnerability: An ethnographic study of supportive housing for the homeless

Bethany Meadows

Thesis Title: We Came 2 Get Down: A History of Pop Locking in Los Angeles

Ariana Mylonas

Thesis Title: “Women are the Pillars of the Family”: Athenian Women’s Survival Strategies During Economic Crisis

Chrysna Samel

Thesis Title: Imagination and negotiation: Motivations for Cambodian women to marry Cambodian American men

Amir Shafe

Thesis Title: Catharsis of foreboding emotions: Dard-e-del (pains of the heart) the revelation of inner feeling among elder Iranian immigrants in the United States

Katarina Spralja

Thesis Title: The Intersections of Culture and Business: An Ethnographic Study of Multicultural Second Generation Young Entrepreneurs



Yu-hsien Cho

Thesis Title: Chinese restaurant business and Taiwanese Pentecostalism in Southern California

Taryn Cohen

Thesis Title: Negotiating motherhood: Second generation Cambodian American mothers and the effects of intergenerational cultural change processes

Sharareh Dadsetan

Thesis Title: The role of one-on-one tutoring for Farsi-speaking students in a multi-cultural tutoring center in a Southern California community college

Krystal Kittle

Thesis Title: The seasoning of aging, the ripening of culture: A study of heterosexual and lesian women in their latter years

Ajlana Osmanagic

Thesis Title: Significance of social capital in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A network analysis of college bound youth

Michael Robertson

Thesis Title: Respite efficacy for parents of adults with intellectual disabilities: An ethnographic perspective

Ashley Robinson

Thesis Title: Improving outcomes for transitional age youth: A curriculum for social workers, foster parents, and supportive adults

Paola Soler

Thesis Title: German colonists and Andean outsiders: The shifting dimensions of power in Peru’s highland Amazon

Gina Turcketta

Thesis Title: Evolutionary and ecological influences on monumental architecture at Navan Fort in Northern Ireland

Julia Wignall

Thesis Title: No longer in the shadows: Identity, citizenship, and belonging among undocumented college students in Southern California



Lindsay Asbury

Thesis Title: Sustainable missiology on the US/Mexico border

Kori Filipek

Thesis Title: Long bone bowing deformities in Transylvanian Bronze Age populations

Leighanna Hidalgo

Thesis Title: “Tacos! Burritos! Tortas!”: Migrant entrepreneurs’ quest for economic mobility and safe spaces in Arizona

Sarah Jeffers

Thesis Title: Perceptions of feminism and identity among women in the deaf community

Valerie Pena

Thesis Title: Capitalism and spirituality: Authentic marketing and manufacturing of hand drums through drum circle entrainment

Moises Munoz Plascencia

Thesis Title: “Praying without knowing”: Cultivating food, community, memories, and resilience in Santa Ana, California

Maral Sahebjame

Thesis Title: Marriage: An Authentic Iranian Experience Of The Modern

Theresa Swaney

Thesis Title: International volunteerism and the quest for world peace: A case study of the Quinta

Alexandra Uhl

Thesis Title: Frequency-dependent sexual selection in humans