Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Faculty/Staff Information Photo

R. Scott Wilson
Department Chair
Email: Scott.Wilson@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-5172
Office: F03-303
Office Hours Spring 2021: Mon 2 – 3 PM, Thu 10 – 11:30 AM via Zoom https://calendly.com/scott-wilson-1/15min
Research and Teaching Focus: Race and ethnicity, transnational media, cultural production; Taiwan, Global East Asia

Webpage: Scott Wilson

R. Scott Wilson

Gabriele Anton
Department Coordinator
Email: Gabriele.Anton@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-5171
Office: FO3-305
Office Hours: Mondays – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Steven Rousso-Schindler
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Advisor
Email: Steven.Rousso-Schindler@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-8179
Office: FO3-320
Office Hours Fall 2021: by appointment on Tuesdays 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM, Wednesdays 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, Thursdays 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
To schedule an advising or office hours appointment, please use the following link:
Undergraduate Advising and Office Hours
Research and Teaching Focus:
Visual anthropology and anthropology of Palestine/Israel, national narrative theory, narrative theory, demography, Middle East anthropology, medical anthropology; Israel/Palestine, United States, rural China

Webpage: Steven Rousso-Schindler

Wendy Klein
Associate Professor 
Email: Wendy.Klein@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-8828
Office: PSY-407
Office Hours Spring 2021: Tue 10 – 11 AM via Zoom https://csulb.zoom.us/j/6226005477, Wed 1 – 3 PM via email or by appointment
Research and Teaching Focus: Linguistic and cultural anthropology, ethnography of communication, semiotics; narrative and the discursive construction of youth identities; religious socialization; Japan, Northern India, U.S.

Webpage: Wendy Klein

Jayne Howell
Professor & Graduate Advisor
Email: Jayne.Howell@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-5192
Office: FO3-312
Office Hours Spring 2021: Wed 2 – 2:45 PM and by appointment https://calendly.com/dr-jayne-howell/graduate-advising-appointments
Research and Teaching Focus: Education and employment, gender, migration, urban anthropology, ethnohistory, tourism, Mexico; Mexico, Latin America

Webpage: Jayne Howell

Jayne Howell Picture

Barbara LeMaster
Email: Barbara.LeMaster@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-5037
Office: F03-322
Office Hours Spring 2021: Tue 3:30 – 4:30 PM via Zoom Office ID: 936 7274 6987
Research and Teaching Focus: Ethnicity and gender, applied linguistics, deaf languages and culture, interpreting and translation, intercultural communication, applied anthropology, anthropology and education, urban anthropology, medical anthropology; Ireland, Southern California

Webpage: Barbara LeMaster & www.csulb.edu/~lemaster/

Barbara LeMaster

Ron Loewe
Email: Ronald.Loewe@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-5034
Office: F03-324
Office Hours Spring 2021: TBD
Research and Teaching Focus: Medical anthropology, applied anthropology, Maya language, culture and politics, tourism; Mexico, Latin America

Webpage: Ron Loewe

Ron Loewe

Kara Miller
Assistant Professor 
Email: Kara.Miller@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-5186
Office: FO3-310
Office Hours Spring 2021:  Tue 12:15 – 2:30 PM & Wed 12:15 – 1 PM or by appointment, Office Zoom link can be found in BeachBoard
Research and Teaching Focus: Embodiment, political ecology, healers and healing, environmental resources, development, women’s studies, selfhood, futures, empowerment

Webpage: Kara Miller


Hector Neff
Email: Hector.Neff@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-4468
Office: PH1-202
Office Hours Spring 2021: TBD
Research and Teaching Focus: Archaeology, archaeometry, evolutionary theory, origins of agriculture, quantitative methods; Mesoamerica, Southwest United States, South America

Hector Neff Picture

Karen Quintiliani
Email: Karen.Quintiliani@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-1301
Office: FO3-314
Office Hours Spring 2021: Tue 1 – 1:30 PM, Wed 3:30 – 4 PM, Thu 12 – 12:30 PM. E-mail to schedule a meeting within the office hours given
Research and Teaching Focus: Urban and applied anthropology, social welfare, public policy, gender, and sexuality; North America, Southeast Asia

Webpage: Karen Quintiliani

Jeanelle Uy
Assistant Professor
Email: Jeanelle.Uy@csulb.edu
Office Hours Spring 2021:
Mon & Wed 2 – 4 PM https://calendly.com/profuy
Research and Teaching Focus: 
Biological anthropology, modern human and primate skeletal and gut anatomy, evolution of torso anatomy, human and primate evolution, fossil hominins

Webpage: Coming Soon

Marcus Young Owl
Email: Marcus.YoungOwl@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-5179
Office: FO3-316
Office Hours Spring 2021: Mon 12 – 12:50 PM, Thu 4 – 4:40 PM, E-mail to schedule a meeting within the office hours given
Research and Teaching Focus: Primate anatomy and comparative biology, evolutionary theory, anatomical lexicon, history of physical anthropology and anatomy, science education

Webpage: Marcus Young Owl

Marcus Young Owl


Lecturer Information Photo

Denise Cucurny
Email: Denise.Cucurny@csulb.edu
Research and Teaching Focus: Cross-cultural healing, primate behavior & anatomy, human variation & evolution

Denise Cucurny

Thomas J. Douglas
Email: Thomas.Douglas@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-5170
Office: FO3-318
Office Hours Spring 2021: Immediately after live Zoom lectures or email to schedule. Include first and last name, and class (if applicable).
Research and Teaching Focus: Urban and economic anthropology, religion, culture; California, Washington, Cambodian immigrants

Webpage: Thomas Douglas

Thomas J. Douglas

Linda D. Light
Email: Linda.Light@csulb.edu
Research and Teaching Focus: Guatemalan Maya in Los Angeles, language, gender/ethnicity

Webpage: Linda Light

Linda D. Light

Melissa Sue Maceyko
Email: Melissa.Maceyko@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-5170
Office: FO3-318
Office Hours Spring 2021: Wed 2 – 4 PM or by appointment https://gather.town/app/9zRM0HBycCGxVhdt/MaceykoOfficeSpace
Research and Teaching Focus: Linguistic Anthropology, Language Ideology, Political Anthropology, Democratic Participation, Corruption, Gender and Sexuality; North America; Melanesia

Webpage: Melissa Sue Maceyko


Violetta Paley
(562) 985-2721
Office Hours Spring 2021:
By appointment only. Please e-mail to schedule. Include first and last name, class (if applicable), and available times.
Research and Teaching Focus: Anthropology of Health and Healing: Alternative healing therapies, integrative health, critical medical anthropology, gender/power/inequality, nature and mental health, hypnosis and meditation, psychotherapeutics, inner states, pain, cancer, PMDD, addiction, autoimmune disorders, illness and healing narratives, California, Russia, SE Asia 

Mihir Pandya
Email: Mihir.Pandya@csulb.edu
Phone:  (562) 985-5171
Office: FO5-212
Office Hours Spring 2021: Tue & Thu 4 – 5 PM or by appointment. Sign up on Google first here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19eahgXRDytTagMmIehh4TqsB0eATmvPIXQpHhU11GDo/edit?usp=sharing.                                                                                              Then enter Zoom room here: https://csulb.zoom.us/j/6511480539
Research and Teaching Focus: Science and technology, knowledge and expertise, security and infrastructure, diversity and generation; United States, India


Sachiko Sakai
Email: Sachiko.Sakai@csulb.edu
Phone: (562) 985-1916
Office: FO5-230
Office Hours Spring 2021: Wed 3 – 5 PM or by appointment https://csulb.zoom.us/j/5629851916
Research and Teaching Focus: Archaeology of the Southwest United States, ceramic production, and exchange, ceramic source study, luminescence dating, chemical compositional analysis, evolutionary archaeology

Webpage: Sachiko Sakai

Sachiko Sakai

Michelle Tabencki

Office Hours Spring 2021: Tue & Thu 10 – 11 AM or by appointment https://csulb.zoom.us/my/michelletabencki
Research and Teaching Focus: 



Emeriti Faculty

James Gregory, James.Gregory@csulb.edu
Daniel O. Larson, Daniel.Larson@csulb.edu
Eugene Ruyle, Eugene.Ruyle@csulb.edu
Kaoru Oguri, Kaoru_Oguri@hotmail.com
George Scott, George.Scott@csulb.edu
Namika Raby, Namika.Raby@csulb.edu


In Memoriam

Dr. Robert Harman

Dr. Keith Dixon

Alexandra Jaffe

Dr. Alexandra Jaffe

Dr. Pamela Bunte