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Faculty-led Field Schools and Study Abroad Opportunities

Faculty-led field schools and short-term study abroad programs provide students with the opportunity to apply anthropological knowledge in a new setting, and in some instances, in a different country. Going on a field school trip or taking a short-term study abroad course gives you the chance to conduct research and to learn side-by-side with your professors in small groups.

For Summer 2020, anthropology faculty will have different opportunities for you choose from. Plan early. Contact the professor organizing a particular program for more information. Please check this page often for any changes to our field school and short-term study abroad program information.


Upcoming Field Schools

Faculty-led Short-term Study Abroad in Bulgaria

Source: Dr. Melissa Maceyko

Join Dr. Quintiliani and Dr. Maceyko during one of their sessions offered June 17  July 15, 2020 to learn ethnographic methods and gain experience through various internships while immersed in Bulgarian languages and cultures. You will experience cities and rural spaces in transition, probe abandoned communist-era buildings, explore natural landscapes, and spend time with seniors at the Elder Center of Stolat.

For information about tuition scholarships and to apply/enroll in one or two of the three courses offered in Bulgaria, please visit the field school’s pages by clicking the course links below and at Stone & Compass.

ANTH 307: Modernization in Global Perspective
ANTH 440: Ethnographic Field School
ANTH 490: Special Topics in Anthropology

Please note: If you have already taken ANTH 307 or ANTH 490 and do not need the GE credit or you prefer a field school experience, you can enroll in ANTH 440: Ethnographic Field School (3 units).

For more information or inquiries, please contact:
Dr. Melissa Maceyko or Dr. Karen Quintiliani

Brochure: Compass & Stone – CSULB Bulgaria Field School – Summer 2020
Flyer: CSULB Study Abroad 2020 Bulgaria


Archaeological Field School – Mt. Trumbull

Source: Dr. Sachiko Sakai

Dr. Sakai offers a summer Archaeological Field School in northwestern Arizona at Mt. Trumbull. Students will learn and practice essential archaeological methods such as excavation, field survey, mapping, recording, and artifact analyses. Students will receive hands-on experience as they help Dr. Sakai excavate a Virgin Branch Ancestral Pueblo (AD 100 to 1350) site.

Additional information about Summer 2020 will be posted as soon as possible.

For more information or inquiries, please contact:
Dr. Sachiko Sakai


Ethnographic Film Production Field School

Source: Dr. Steven Rousso-Schindler

Travel to China this upcoming summer to learn ethnographic film production with Dr. Wilson and Dr. Rousso-Schindler. Students will assist museums preserve indigenous cultures through digital ethnographic media geared towards Chinese audiences. In addition, students will create visual ethnographies (short films, VR/360 cinema projects, and augmented reality projects) on indigenous cultures, Chinese cultural politics, or cultural geography of the area for Western audiences.

Additional information about Summer 2020 will be posted as soon as possible.

For more information or inquiries, please contact:
Dr. R Scott Wilson & Dr. Steven Rousso-Schindler



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