CSULB Anthropology Student Organizations

Anthropology Student Association (ASA)

The Anthropology Student Association (ASA) of California State University Long Beach, is a non-profit academic student association operating exclusively for the following several purposes. 

  • To promote the existence and welfare of Anthropology Students in the Department of Anthropology at California State University Long Beach. 
  • To foster leadership, professional and educational development in the field of anthropology. 
  • To organize social and academic events that provide a place of social gathering, academic stimulation and Stress relief amongst its members. 

President– Daniela Vega (she/her)

Vice President– Logan Kruger (he/him), Tammy Phan (she/her)

Treasurer– Logan Kruger (he/him)

Social Media Chair – Adrian (he/him) 

Social Media Chair- Matt (he/him)

Student Representative – Joce (she/her)

General Officer – Jessica (they/them)