Professional Conferences

Professional Conferences


CLA (College of Liberal Arts, CSULB)

Student Research Showcase held in May Submission deadline check CSULB website or CLA website:

AAA (American Anthropological Association)

Meetings every Fall around the end of November.  Call for Papers/Posters – begins January 1st Proposal deadline for all sessions, individual paper, and poster presentations is April 15. To be included in the AAA Annual Meeting program, participants must be registered by this date. Registration Dates – Advanced Registration (lower rate) by October 15th; Rate increase after October 15th. Website:

NASA (National Association of Student Anthropologists)

Website: Awards for travel expenses and general funding:

AES (American Ethnological Society)

AES is the oldest professional anthropological organization in the United States. Founded in 1842 to encourage research in the emerging field of ethnology, its stated goal was to foster “inquiries generally connected with the human race. Annual conferences held in the Spring. Website:

ASP (American Society for Primatologists)

ASP is an educational & scientific organization that aims to understand, conserve and inform about nonhuman primates. The deadline for abstract submission for the annual meeting in June is March 1st. For more information select the following link:

CLIC (graduate association at UCLA) and LISO (graduate association at UCSB)

For linguistic anthropology students. Each year, CLIC-GSA (at UCLA) or LISO-GSA (at UCSB) host a conference that brings together scholars from around the world to discuss issues related to language, interaction, and culture. Every other year, the faculty organize a symposium on a particular topic. Annual Conference in May – alternates between the two campuses Abstracts are due on January 31st. Website:

GURT (Georgetown University Roundtable in Linguistics)

Around March in Washington D.C. Abstract deadline is October 15th. Website:

HPSfAA (High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology)

HPSfAA is a professional organization with members from the Rocky Mountains, Southwestern U.S. and beyond. Website:

NAPA (National Association for Practicing Anthropologists)

Founded in 1983, NAPA strives to promote the practice of anthropology, both within the discipline and among private and public organizations. Website:

SAA (Society for American Archaeology)

Meetings Every Spring around April. Annual meeting is in April Submission deadline for abstracts – September 10th by 3:00pm(EST). Website:

SALSA (Symposium About Language and Society, Austin)

Conference at University of Texas, Austin. Held in the Spring around April Submission deadline for abstracts – February 22nd Pre-registration – ends in March. Website: 

SCA (Society for Cultural Anthropology)

Spring Conference in May is held every two years. Submission deadline for abstracts – December Early registration for the Fall conference ends April 17th. Website:

SCAAN (Southern California Applied Anthropology Network)

Founded in 1989, it is a ‘local practitioner organization’ of the American Anthropological Association. It’s a sub-group of the National Association of Practicing Anthropology and is also affiliated with SfAA, the Society for Applied Anthropology. Facebook Page:

SEAA (Society for East Asian Anthropology)

SEAA is an organization which emphasizes East Asian Studies. Website:

SfAA (Society for Applied Anthropology)

Meetings every Spring around March.The deadline for the submission of abstracts for papers, posters and sessions is October 15th Student Endowment Due January 1st Peter K. New Student Prize Award – For a student paper Submission by Dec. 31 Valene Smith Award – Cash prize for student poster on tourism Website:

SMA (Society for Medical Anthropology)

SMA examine how the health of individuals, larger social formations, and the environment are affected by interrelationships between humans and other species; cultural norms and social institutions; micro and macro politics; and forces of globalization as each of these affects local worlds. Website:

SVA (Society for Visual Anthropology)

SVA is a section of the American Anthropological Association. We promote the study of visual representation and media.  Abstracts can be submitted until 11:59pm (Hawaii Time) on April 1st. Website:

SWAA (Southwestern Anthropological Association)

The deadline to register and submit an abstract is March 1st. Website:     


Travel Funds

  • ASI Student Travel Grants reimburse students for expenses related to academic conferences. ASI Student Travel Fund Applications must be submitted no less than 3 weeks prior to the proposed date of departure (late applications will not be accepted). If you are traveling to present your own academic research, you can request reimbursement for transportation and conference/registration fees.  If you are attending a conference for your own academic enrichment and not presenting research, you can request reimbursement for conference/registration fees only. Please visit BeachSync to submit form.  ASI (Associated Students International)See Website: ASI – administration –ASI forms
  • Student Life and Development (SLD) Travel Grant is available for currently enrolled CSULB students that present an academic paper/research or a poster at a professional conference, workshop, seminar, and/or lecture. The grant can be used to reimburse CSULB students for conference registration fees, transportation, lodging and memberships if required to present, co-present, compete and/or conduct a poster presentation. Students presenting and co-presenting are eligible to receive up to $400.00. Students conducting poster presentations or participating in competitions are eligible to receive up to $300.00. SLD (Student Life and Development) Given out each semester, but can only receive once an academic year. Funds for presenters and general travel that enhances the educational experience. See Website: SLD – Services & ResourcesAcademic Travel Funds
  • HOGAR Travel Fellowship allocates funds of up to $1,000 for post-baccalaureate students enrolled in a CSULB master’s, doctoral, credential, or graduate certificate program who are presenting at an academic conference. Funding is available for all students (including international, undocumented, and DACA students); status only affects the source of funds.
  • CLA (College of Liberal Arts) gives out money to students presenting at conferences. See Department Chair for more information.
  • SfAA offers Travel Awards for Students for those interested in travelling and attending the annual meeting.
  • Check AAA website – Prizes & Awards – Section Awards for information on student awards – General Awards



How to Make Posters from AAA website. For more information near time of AAA meetings check under presenters. Posters can be printed on CSULB campus at: (prices may change)

  • G2 Lab – around $40, must give at least a week in advance. Order process and instructions can be found here.
  • Geography Lab – around $50. Order process and instructions can be found here.
  • Campus Print Shop – can be expedited and done in one day for about $80

Posters made by CSULB students Submitting papers & posters to Conferences can be overwhelming, the following document, by Tome Boellstorff, describes, step by step, the process of submitting a quality paper How to Get an Article Accepted to the American Anthropologist (or anywhere)


Past Professional Presentations by CSULB Faculty

Past Professional Presentations by CSULB Students