Beach Forensics

Welcome to Beach Forensics! Our program serves the CSU Long Beach campus community by providing coaching, mentoring, and competitive opportunities in intercollegiate speech and debate for all interested students.

10 Reasons You Should Join Beach Forensics Speech And Debate Today!

1. You learn to advocate about issues that matter to you and you have opportunities to do just that.

2. Our team is a family, and we believe in “F.O.E.,” Family Over Everything.

3. You learn how to deal with failure and embarrassment.

4. You learn the critical thinking, research, and writing skills that make college assignments and examinations a breeze!

5. You become more adaptable in any classroom, social, or political environment.

6. College professors and potential employers love students with speech and debate experience.

7. The number two fear in America is death, second only to public speaking. Speech and debate will help you become an outstanding public speaker!

8. You have the opportunity to compete at universities across the U.S. and all competition costs (airfare, hotel, meals, etc.) are covered by Beach Forensics. There are also scholarship opportunities!

9. You become highly educated and informed on a vast array of topics.

10. Speech and debate prepares you for whatever comes next. Competitors go on to become the top of their class in graduate school, law school, medical school, and have no difficulty finding their dream careers in the public or private sector.

For more information on Beach Forensics, please contact Dr. Michael Eisenstadt, Director of Forensics, at We look forward to hearing from you!