“One Night Out”

‘One Night Out’ consists of two semi-scripted scenes, and four “proactive” scenes (highest level of audience involvement).  We encourage discussion throughout the performance, and end with a Powerpoint  presentation that covers rape myths and other issues related to men’s violence against women.  In the clips below you can view a few scenes that help illuminate our approach.

“Opening Men’s Scene”

Our opening scene uses high energy and humor to reduce male defensiveness and engage the audience.  Our published studies show that men identify with our characters and come to understand the dire consequences of hypermasculinity.  During the Powerpoint presentation that follows the show we revisit this scene and discuss the relationship between derogatory language and violence against women.

“Masculine Shutdown”

An aggressive male shuts down a friend who attempts to intervene. Later in the show we reenact this scene and audience members are invited on stage to enact assertive bystander interventions.

“Threatening Behaviors”

The boyfriend uses inappropriate language and physical force to ‘prove’ his masculinity and control his girlfriend.

“Constellation of Images”

Audience members are shown embodying the negative voices in a survivor’s head.  Our studies reveal that this scene promotes empathy and prosocial responses.

“Bystander 1”

Our research indicates that audience members feel more confident in their ability to intervene and prevent a sexual assault months after viewing our performance.  In this scene, an audience member takes it literally when the facilitator explains that she has 30 seconds to attempt an intervention!

“Powerpoint Presentation”

Following the performance we discuss rape myths with the audience and allow time for questions.  In this clip the facilitator dispels the myth that what women wear have something to do with being sexually assaulted.

“Bystander 2”

An audience member tries an intervention.


“Say What You Really Want to Say!”



“The Words of our Students”