Student Communication Association

Student Communication Association

Student Communication Association Mission Statement: Student Communication Association provides ethical leadership in presenting a cohesive course of action to advance academic, social and professional objectives. Student Communication Association instills a desire for self-improvement along with a long term sense of connection and dedication to the Department of Communication Studies at CSULB. Provides students of the Department of Communication Studies with sufficient knowledge of the requirements for completion of the undergraduate degree, as well as provides students with the necessary skills to market their degrees for future job opportunities. Provides students opportunities for association and interaction with the faculty and administration of CSULB, gives students the opportunity to network with other members of the community and provides students the opportunity to obtain internships with businesses in the Communication field.  

The Student Communication Association Executive Board (Fall 2022):

Our Faculty Advisor is Manny Pulido

Office Location AS-375


Position Officer E-Mail Address
President Alessa Beal-Lopez
Vice President N/A  
Secretary Ricardo Munoz
Treasurer Kieran Geralde
Director of Public Relations Junnelle Maala
Director of Career and Internship Advising N/A  
Director of Fundraising and Events N/A  

Our club meetings are on Tuesdays at 5:00 PM in USU-304.


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