Past Conference Archive

Previous Comparative Literature Conferences – 1966 to present

2020 – 2024

No Theme Speaker(s)





Culture Jamming and the Art of Subversion: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Outliers and Outcasts in Literature, Music and Visual Arts


 Jacques Servin

 Theri Pickens





2015 – 2019

No Theme Speaker(s)





Cultural Memory and Trauma

Borders, Place and Translation


Valerie Orlando

 Edwin Hill

Thuy Vo Dang






Mind, Body, Behavior: Health, Illness, and Representation

Tradition and Innovation: Comparative Literature in the 21st Century




2010 – 2014

No Theme Speaker(s) Year
49th Connections and Intersections: Interdisciplinarity Within and Among Disciplines  Ellen Peel, Marina Antic 2014
48th Popular Culture(s)
Special Event Screening: “Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman”
Hillary Chute 2013
47th Drawing the Line(s): Censorship & Cultural Practices
B-Word Project Speaker: Azar Nafisi
 Ilan Stavans 2012
46th  The Comic Spirit in the Modern Age  Judy Carter, Ray Lacoste 2011
45th  Visual Culture & Global Practices  W. J. T. Mitchell 2010

2000 – 2009

No Theme Speaker(s) Year
44th Johnny Got His Pen: Artists Involvement in Peace & War Milcho Manchevski  2009
43rd Arrivals and Departures(Host of Annual American Comparative
Literature Association Conference conference website )
 Marjorie Perloff  2008
42nd Women, Sexuality & Early Modern Studies Laurie Finke, Stacey Schlau  2007
41st Ancient and Modern Narrative: Intersections, Interactions, and Interstices Georgia Ladogianni,
Stephen Orgel
40th The Global Eighteenth Century Margaret Higonnet  2005
39th  Film, Ideology, and Culture Andrew Horton  2004
38th Imagining Rome Dean Abernathy  2003
37th Citizen of the World: Cosmopolitanism and Its Ancient Antecedents  Edward Said (scheduled)  2002
36th Dislocation of Culture: Postcolonial Literature and Cultural Theory Trinh Minh Ha  2001
35th The Community in Literature Graciela Limon 2000

1990 – 1999

No Theme Speaker(s) Year
34th The Self in Literature Marilyn Yalom 1999
33rd Madness and Literature Richard Caldwell 1998
32nd The City on South American Literature Djelal Kadir 1997
31st Love and Politics in Literary Perspective Sandra Gilbert 1996
30th Interpretation of Culture: Images and Ideologies O. R. Dathorne 1995
29th Transmission of Culture: Literature and the Liberal Arts Ishmael Reed 1994
28th Food in the Arts and Literature LA Times Food Critics 1993
27th Language, Literature, and the Politics of Education Pareskevi Contos & Pasquale Verdicchio 1992
26th Penelope’s Web: The Self and Self Control Mario Torelli & John Williams 1991
25th Music and Literature in Society August Coppola & Archie Shepp 1990

1980 – 1989

No Theme Speaker(s) Year
24th Eroticism and Censorship in Literature and Film Maryse Condé and Françoise Pfaff 1989
23rd The Grotesque in Literature, Art, Music and Film Frederick Burwick 1988
22nd Women in Film Valerie Smith 1987
21st The Marginal, the Creative and the American Dream Michael Ventura & Gerald Haslem 1986
20th Mythology and Creativity Joseph Campbell 1985
19th The Fantastic: Celebrating the Imagination Eric Rabkin & Leslie Fiedler 1984
18th The Comic Spirit Max Apple & Hal Roach 1983
17th Visions of Peace: Peace and the Creative Arts Denise Levertov, Allen Ginsburg,
Peter Orlovsky & Gary Snyder
16th  Latin America Through Novel, Film, Music and Poetry   1981
15th  Shamanism: Death, Healing and Psychoanalysis   1980

1966 – 1979

No Theme Speaker(s) Year
14th Psyche and Symbol Joseph Campbell 1979
13th Current Trends in World Literature   1978
12th Literature and Politics: Voices of the Third World Gwendolyn Brooks 1977
11th American Folklore Bicentennial Alan Dundee & Sam Hinton 1976
10th Michelangelo’s Birthday Irving Stone 1975
9th The Day for Mythology Joseph Campbell 1974
8th Language: Symbols and Reaction Liv Ullman & John Ciardi 1973
7th Values and Meanings in Literature   1972
6th The Making of Books   1971
5th “Now;” Current Books Abroad;
Comparative Approaches to American Litearature
 Boniface Obichere & Earl Miner 1970
4th The Black Image in Comparative Literature Sterling Brown 1969
3rd East and West in Literature, Culture and the Arts Ch’en Shou-Yi 1968
2nd Folklore and Films Francis Ford Coppola & Arthur Knight 1967
1st Comparative Literature   1966