Majors and Minors

Majors and Minors

The program offers Majors and Minors in Comparative World Literature and a Minor in Health Humanities.

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Comparative World Literature Majors

1. Emphasis in Cultural Studies (33 units)


Cultural Studies is the interdisciplinary and multicultural study of literary and other forms of cultural expression analyzed within their social and historical contexts. This emphasis is designed for students wishing to concentrate in cultural studies firmly grounded in literary study. It provides for an interdisciplinary pattern of courses in cultural studies drawn from various disciplines. The designated courses are listed on the Cultural Studies flyer.

CWL Cultural Studies checklist

2. Emphasis in World Literature in Translation (36 units)

This emphasis offers a broad background in world literature in translation. It is appropriate for the student interested in focusing on global literature and culture as well as the student who elects the comparative world literature teaching option of the English Single Subject Credential program. The designated courses are listed on the World Literature in Translation flyer.

CWL World Literature in Translation checklist

3. Emphasis in Language and Literature (42 units)

The traditional undergraduate major in Comparative World Literature, designed to prepare the student for graduate study in Comparative Literature or related fields, with a 36-unit core and one 6-unit concentration in foreign language. The designated courses are listed on the Language and Literature flyer.

CWL Language and Literature checklist

Minor in Comparative World Literature

The minor in Comparative World Literature provides a flexible program for the student who is majoring in another discipline, but who is interested in literature either for professional advantage or for intellectual enrichment.

CWL Minor checklist


Minor in Health Humanities

lists the requirement for the minor

The designated courses are listed on our Health Humanities Minor flyer.

CWL Health Humanities Minor checklist