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Economics Student Association

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Spring 2022 Executive Board

  • Ashley Wong, President
  • Adaugo Asinugo, Vice President
  • Timothy Nguyen, Treasurer
  • Jocelyn Sanchez, Secretary
  • Jenny Benitez, Public Relations
  • Shanna Bui, Outreach
  • Kira Hall, Staff Advisor

Statement of Purpose

  • Section 1. The Economics Student Association of California State University, Long Beach strives to engage students who have taken an interest in economics. We encourage students to participate in a curriculum that showcases education beyond the classroom. By placing a specific emphasis on the exchange of ideas, policy’s and presenting students with internship and employment opportunities, we hope to encourage students to enrich both their local & global economies with the skills they have developed through our program.
  • Section 2. To promote ethical leadership and academic achievement, and to cultivate civic responsibility.
  • Section 3. To provide the students opportunities for association and interaction with the faculty and administration of CSULB and with the members of the community.