Student Organizations

Student Organizations

2018 ESA officers

The Department of Economics encourages students to grow and connect outside of the classroom. Get involved and create positive experiences and relationships to get the most of your time at “The Beach.”

Economics Student Association

Economics Student Association is an academic undergraduate student organization and an integral part of that community. Our goal is to bring the education students receive in the classroom and apply it outside. We do this by hosting resume workshops, guest speakers, and this year a trip to tour the Federal Reserve. Our executive board continues to manifest new ideas for the growth of its members professionally and academically.

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Spring 2023 Executive Board

  • Morgan Metcalf, President
  • Elizabeth Curiel, Vice President
  • Miles Wittig, Vice President
  • Penny Semko, Treasurer
  • Marc Geren Masana, Secretary
  • Ashley Wong, Outreach
  • Alaina Wong, Public Relations
  • Dr. Andre Harrison, Faculty Advisor

Statement of Purpose

  • Section 1. The Economics Student Association of California State University, Long Beach strives to engage students who have taken an interest in economics. We encourage students to participate in a curriculum that showcases education beyond the classroom. By placing a specific emphasis on the exchange of ideas, policy’s and presenting students with internship and employment opportunities, we hope to encourage students to enrich both their local & global economies with the skills they have developed through our program.
  • Section 2. To promote ethical leadership and academic achievement, and to cultivate civic responsibility.
  • Section 3. To provide the students opportunities for association and interaction with the faculty and administration of CSULB and with the members of the community.
Economics Graduate Association

*This organization is not currently active. If you would like to reactivate this organization please contact us our Economics Department Email.

The Economics Graduate Association is an academic organization within the Department of Economics at California State University, Long Beach that offers opportunities to network with local business communities and facilitate internships and career development. This organization offers a valuable opportunity for students to build positive relationships with faculty and other economics graduate students. It also aims to promote student based economic research, ethical leadership skills and academic excellence.


Fall 2018

President: Joseph McEntee
Vice President: Jeremy Stump
Treasurer: Griffin Williams
Secretary: Erin Ochikubo

Fall 2017

President: Ryan Hunter
Vice President: Anete Brinke
Treasurer: Ryan Trias
Secretary: Brandon Villalpando
Public Relations: Joseph McEntee

Spring 2017

President: Jacob Medina
Vice President: Ryan Trias
Treasurer: Ryan Hunter
Secretary: Julian Olivas


President: Dillan Koehler
Vice President: Nicholas Jenkins
Treasurer: Cesar Servin
Secretary: Jonathan Rivera


President: Michelangelo Landgrave
Vice President: Branden Galley
Treasurer: Annette Kunitsa
Secretary: Badr Aziz


President: Ramon Vivero
Vice President: Samuel Valdez

Omicron Delta Epsilon

Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) is the International Honor Society in Economics.

Omicron Delta Epsilon is one of the world’s largest academic honor societies. The objectives of Omicron Delta Epsilon are recognition of scholastic attainment and the honoring of outstanding achievements in economics; the establishment of closer ties between students and faculty in economics within colleges and universities, and among colleges and universities; the publication of its official journal, The American Economist, and sponsoring of panels at professional meetings as well as the Irving Fisher and Frank W. Taussig competitions. Currently, ODE has 690 chapters located in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Egypt, France, Kazakhstan and United Arab Emirates.

To qualify for membership:

  1. Applicants must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher and an interest in economics.
  2. Students do not have to be economics majors, but they must have completed at least 12 units in economics courses with a “B” average or better.
  3. There is an initiation fee of $40 which entitles the student to a membership scroll and a one-year subscription to The American Economist, the journal put out by ODE.
  4. Information and applications for membership are available in the Economics department office. Visit the Omicron Delta Epsilon for more info.
Economics Mentorship Program

The Economics Mentorship Program (EMP) is an additional resource for undergraduate students who are seeking academic and professional assistance. Our mentors are graduate students who provide an informal opportunity for students to discuss career trajectories, resume building, and what to expect for graduate programs or whatever you may want to discuss about life. If you wish to seek mentoring, our CSULB Economics graduate students have experience in research, job interviews, internships, and programming languages that may be insightful for students as they advance in their time here at Long Beach. If you would like to set up an appointment with EMP, please send an email to CSULB EMP.