Department of English

Our Mission

The Department of English’s mission is to graduate students who value imagination, creativity, and expression, and who will advocate for these habits of mind in their own writing, research, and teaching. Our faculty and students are dedicated to the study of the utility, intricacy, and beauty of cultural production in English, and they advance the understanding and appreciation of these virtues through original research and creative activities.

The diversity and complexity of the human experience is represented throughout the entire range of literature written in English, and we believe that intensive study of literature and writing advances the humanistic values of discovery, critique, compassion, and innovation. Our practices and methods prepare our students to understand and solve problems through research, to create texts for various audiences and purposes, and to find new forms of expression in a variety of genres and media.

Using their skill in interpretation, our graduates will be able to find meaning in any text, as well as in their daily lives. A democratic society requires members who can comprehend and evaluate arguments from multiple perspectives, understand and empathize with others, and express their own ideas and positions with clarity, force, and eloquence. It is our mission to ensure that our graduates will have these skills.

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