Graduate Course Descriptions

Graduate Course Descriptions

Graduate Courses at the 600 Level

Students may not take ENGL 681 or ENGL 683 on the same author(s) or topic(s) they have taken at the undergraduate level in ENGL 469, ENGL 479, or ENGL 489 unless they receive the consent of the instructor. Please note that ENGL 605A, 605B, 606A, and 606B are reserved for students enrolled in the MFA program and may not be taken in the MA program in English.

About six or seven 600-level graduate courses are offered each semester, so not all graduate courses are available every semester.

Course Units Course Title
652 4 Seminar in the English Renaissance
653 4 Seminar in the Age of Milton
655 4 Seminar in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature
656 4 Seminar in Romantic Literature
657 4 Seminar in Victorian Literature
659 4 Seminar in Twentieth-Century English Literature
671 4 Digital Rhetoric
672 4 Seminar in the Nineteenth-Century American Renaissance
673 4 Seminar in American Realism
674 4 Seminar in Twentieth-Century American Literature
681 4 Selected Topics—Seminar in Major Authors
683 4 Selected Topics—Seminar in English Studies
684 4 Seminar in Advanced Literary Theory
685 4 Seminar in Rhetorical History and Theory
696 4 Seminar in Theory, Criticism, and Research
697 1-3 Directed Research
698 1-6 Thesis

Graduate Courses at the 500 Level

Please note that ENGL 505A, 505B, 506A, and 506B are reserved for students enrolled in the MFA program and may not be taken in the MA program in English.

Course Units Course Title
 510 3 Theories of Writing and Literacy
 511 4  Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition
 523 3 Semantics
 526 3  History of the English Language
 535 3 Theories and Practices in Composition
 537  3 Special Topics for In-Service Teachers
 550 4  Old English Language and Literature
551 4  Middle English Language and Literature
552 3 Literature of the Renaissance (1500-1603)
553 3 Literature of the Late Renaissance (1603-1660)
554 3 Medieval Literature of the British Isles
555 3 English Literature of the Enlightenment (1660-1798)
556 3 English Literature of the Romantic Period (1798-1832)
558 3 English Poetry and Prose of the Victorian Age (1832-1900)
559 3 English Literature of the Twentieth Century (1900-Present)
562 3 Chaucer
566 3 Irish Literature in English
567A 3 The English Novel to 1832
567B 3 The English Novel since 1832
568 3 English Drama
572 3 American Literature: 1820-1865
573 3 American Literature: 1865-1918
574 3 Twentieth-Century American Literature
575 3 The American Short Story
576A 3 American Poetry to 1945
576B 3 American Poetry since 1945
577A 3 The American Novel to 1920s
577B 3 The American Novel since 1920s
578 3 American Drama
598 1-3 Directed Studies in Creative Writing

Undergraduate Courses

Higher qualitative and quantitative standards apply to graduate students in undergraduate courses. In double-numbered courses (400/500), the MA program counts only the 500 level. Students who have taken a 400-level class as undergraduates at CSULB may not take the same 500-level class for MA credit. (So for instance if they took ENGL 455 as undergraduates at CSULB, they may not take ENGL 555 for MA credit.) Only the 400-level classes listed below will receive approval for MA credit. Students taking any of these classes must meet with the Graduate Advisor to enter the approval into the computer management system.

Students who have taken ENGL 469, ENGL 479, or ENGL 489 need to request consent of the instructor if they want to take ENGL 681 or ENGL 683 on the same author(s) or topic(s).


English Department Undergraduate Courses Pre-Approved for Graduate Credit


Course Units Course Title
463 3 Shakespeare II
469 4 Selected Topics—Major English Writers
479 4 Selected Topics—Major American Writers
488 3 Selected Topics in Rhetoric and Writing Studies
489 4 Selected Topics in Literatures Written in English
497 3 Directed Studies in Composition