Minor in English

The Minor Option in English

  • Creative Writing Minor
  • Literature Minor
  • Rhetoric and Composition Minor
  • Special Emphasis Minor

Minors offer minimal exposure to a field useful to life or a specific career, usually supplementing degrees in other disciplines. Check with an advisor in the Department of English to learn more about the English minor.

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Minor in English Emphases

Creative Writing (ENGLUM01)

The minor in English (Creative Writing) requires a minimum of 20 units which must include the following: ENGL 180 or equivalent; three units from ENGL 204, 205 or 206, three units from ENGL 404, 405 or 406; three units from ENGL 385 or 386; and eight units of electives from ENGL 359, 404, 405, 406, 407, 432, 459, 466, 467A/B, 474, 475, 476, 477A/B, 499. (Note: ENGL 404, 405, 406 and 407 may be repeated for credit to a maximum of six units by consent of instructor.)

Literature (ENGLUM03)

The Literature minor in English requires a minimum of 20 units and must include: ENGL 180 or equivalent; eight units from ENGL 250A, 250B, 270A, 270B; and nine elective units from upper-division literature classes in the English department (including at least one class at the 400 level).

Rhetoric and Composition (ENGLUM02)

The Rhetoric and Composition minor in English requires a minimum of 20 units and must include: ENGL 310, 497, LING 420, and 421. Also recommended are three units from ENGL (or LING) 423 or 426.

Special Emphasis (ENGLUM04)

The Special Emphasis minor in English requires a minimum of 21 units in a program developed, approved, and supervised in the same manner as the Special Emphasis Option. ENGL 180 or equivalent is required of all students, with the rest of the program constructed in consultation with a faculty advisor. At least nine upper-division units must be taken after program approval, and at least 11 units must be earned in the Department of English at CSULB.